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Streamed live on Apr 2, 2013

Baby bald eagles streaming live!
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This Live Cam is located on Santa Catalina Island, CA. 22 miles west of Long Beach, CA.
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Q: What is a bald eagle?
A: A bald eagle is a bird of prey. The eagle is unique to North America and is also our national bird. Bald eagles are distinctive with their white head, neck and tail. Bald eagles can be found throughout North America.

Q: How big are bald eagles?
A: Bald eagles weigh approximately ten to fourteen pounds. Female bald eagles have a wingspan of 79 to 90 inches with a body length of 35 to 37 inches. The male bald eagle is smaller with a body length of 30 to 34 inches and a wingspan of 72 to 85 inches.

Q: Are bald eagles an endangered species?
A: The U.S. Department of the Interior took the American bald eagle off the list of endangered and threatened species. However, bald eagles (and golden eagles) are still protected.

Q: What are the bald eagles' names and ages?
A: The female eagle's name is Wray. Wray was given her name when she was removed from a nest in British Columbia. She is 27 years old. She has a silver marker band on her left leg.

The male eagles name is K01. On the Institute for Wildlife Studies forum and chat, they lovingly called K01 "Superman." Superman was born in captivity at the San Francisco Zoo and was fostered into the Pinnacle Rock nest on Catalina Island when he was 12 days old. Superman is 13 years old. He has an orange leg marker band. You can also see remnants of wing markers.

Q: Do Wray and Superman mate for life?
A: Bald eagles typically mate for life, except in the event of their partner's death or impotency.

Q: How many eggs will Wray lay?
A: Bald eagles lay from one to three eggs. Five to ten days after a successful copulation, the female lays a speckled off-white or buff colored egg about the size of a goose's. The second egg is laid a few days later, followed by a possible third.

Q: Where is this bald eagle nest?
A: Bald eagles live near bodies of water such as the coast, lakes and rivers, where fish is abundant. This bald eagle nest is on Catalina Island a one and half hour ferry ride from Los Angeles, California.

Q. How long do bald eagles live?
A: On average bald eagles lives 15-20 years but can live up to 35 years, which means Wray is past her prime but still doing great!

Q: Do the same pair of bald eagles come back to the same nest every year?
A: Wray and Superman have returned to this nest for the past six years, but Wray has been using this nest since 1991.

Q: How big is the bald eagle nest?
A: A typical nest is around 5 feet in diameter. Eagles often use the same nest year after year. Over the years, some nests become enormous, as much as 9 feet in diameter, weighing two tons.

Q: How long will the eaglet(s) be in the nest?
A: 10-12 weeks in the nest, although eaglet(s) often stay around learning from their parents and honing their flying and feeding skills for another 1-2 months.

Q: What are some fun facts about Bald Eagles?
· Eagles do not sweat. When they overheat they pant, perch in the shade and hold their wings away from their body.
· Eagles have an average body temperature of 106 degrees
· Bald eagles can turn their head to a 270 degree arc
· Eagles have eyes as large as a humans but is four times as sharp
· An eagles beak and talons grow continuously

Q: Is there a vet to keep an eye on the Bald Eagles?
A: Dr. Peter Bramley Sharpe, Research Ecologist from the Institute of Wildlife Studies is on site and is constantly monitoring the eagles.

Q: Why do Wray and Superman disappear sometimes?
A: Wray and Superman are hunters and are likely looking for something tasty to eat or to feed their baby.

Q: How long does it take for an egg to hatch?
A: There are 35 days of incubation and both male and female share the daytime duties, but it is the female who spends most nights on the nest.

A: For everything eagles and to support the preservation of bald eagles go to The Institute for Wildlife Studies at http://www.iws.org.

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Special thanks to Institute for Wildlife Studies

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