More Than You Can Imagine Part 12





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Published on Dec 20, 2011

Dedicated to MsJuju (she is the main character Julia). Thank you for reading.

Chapter 12

It seemed like a perfect day and I was still smiling about as I fell asleep. The next morning I slept in until about 11. I got dressed and went down the stairs. As soon as I saw who was in the living room my good mood was ruined. It was Bonnie, Zayn's ex-girlfriend. They split up about 6 months ago, but the fans didn't know about their relationship. What did she think she was doing in MY house?
I never liked that girl. Maybe she never really had a chance because I have liked Zayn for ages, but there was something about her that I didn't like. I especially didn't like the fact that right at that moment she was sitting next to Zayn. I tried to smile as I walked in the room and said good morning to everyone. I think I failed at hiding my anger though because Bonnie suddenly looked very uncomfortable. Oh well she would have to either deal with it or leave.
I walked out into the kitchen and Zayn followed me. He obviously realised that I would want to know why she was there. I said "what is she doing here" and he held my hand and said "I don't know she just turned up". I looked up at him and said "Zayn, it's a bit weird that your ex-girlfriend turns up at your current girlfriends house for no reason what so ever" he replied with "I know, but she didn't tell me why she was here, Harry went to get the door and the next thing I knew she walked in. I haven't even spoken to her since we broke up". I knew I was being stupid and unfair to him but I couldn't help it. The fact that she was here wound me up. I said "whatever Zayn" and shook his hand off mine. I immediately felt bad about it but I just left the room and went to sit with the others.
I didn't talk to any one, I just sat in the corner. I was vaguely aware of Zayn coming back in the room and sitting down next to Bonnie again. That only made me more angry. I could tell that part of him was happy to see her. He hadn't seen her or spoken to her for a long time and they used to be close, of course he would be happy to see her but seeing him next to her hurt. He kept looking over at me. He looked sorry but I wouldn't be able to calm down until she left. Then I would be able to stop overreacting.
Unfortunately for me she stayed for hours. I tried to smile after a while, but I just wanted her to get out of my house. It was my personal space and she had no right to be there. When she did eventually leave I just said "why was she here?" to everyone in the room. No one answered so I said "whatever, at least she is gone now". Zayn tried to hug me but I pushed him away. I knew it wasn't his fault that Bonnie turned up, but there was no way that she came for no reason. No one just randomly thinks 'hey, I know what I'm going to do today. I will go and see my ex and his new girlfriend'. There was something weird about the whole situation.
I spent the rest of the day in my room. Zayn knocked on the door once and asked if I was alright. I didn't really feel like talking about it so I just said I was fine and plugged in my headphones. I have no idea if anyone tried to talk to me after that because I had my music on really loud. I admitted to myself that I was wrong to be upset with him. That didn't mean that I was happy about the situation though. Instead of thinking about it I decided to concentrate on the music and count down the days left until Christmas.

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