Unafraid. Chapter 3.





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Published on Jan 28, 2011

"Girls, please!" Drake growled, and Miley and I fell silent. Ariana nudged me and gave me a nod and smile of approval.

"You're alright in my book," she whispered, and we both laughed. Miley turned around in her seat to glare at us, but Drake instantly slammed on the brakes, sending us flying forward.

"Drake!" Miley screeched. "What the hell was that for?!" her hands were out in front of her, holding her away from the dashboard.

"I told you girls to stop!" he hissed, and Miley sat glumly.

I had veered forward, and the impact of me against the seatbelt made me gasp for breath.

The car ride was soon quiet, with the occasional cough or throat-clear.

It was until Ariana spoke that everyone was released from their trance.

"Look!" Ariana pointed in the direction of her mirror, and I was the only one to look since this was all so new to me. "We're here!" she exclaimed.

I peered out the window, and marveled at the sight. It was the most beautiful, and only, kingdom I had ever seen! The castle looked in perfect condition, the small villages surrounding it looked neat and compact, and the massive gardens with their large fountains glistened in the sunshine. Ivy grew along the outer walls of the castle, giving it a mysterious yet lovely presence. Hundreds of fairy children were playing around their villages, chasing each other and making water splahs in each other's faces. I looked on in fascination and realized that THIS was going to be my life soon.

"This is incredible!" I said, clearly at a loss for words.

"It is, isn't it? Took hundreds of years to perfect, nonetheless. Beauty doesn't happen overnight."

"Tell that to these girls at my school," I rolled my eyes in distaste at the image of the group of girls at school that thought they ruled the dang school.

"Your old school," Drake corrected casually.

"Wait, what? You mean I have to go to SCHOOL?"

"Well, of course you do. Did you think you were just going to come and have fun?" He saw my expression and pursed his lips, "Forget I asked that. It's not your usual school, Selena. This is the school of the Arts—You'll be learning from the best and you'll rarely ever be bored."

"It's still school," I aruged. "Will there be homework?"

"Well, some bookwork here and then, but overall, not a lot."

"Good," I smiled meekly.

Drake drove up the steep hills that lead to the castle. We finally arrived, and as everyone filed out of the car, I soon got nervous. I was about to meet THE king and queen of the Fairy Kingdom. Royalty! That was crazy! Never in my life would I have thought it was possible. Sure, I could move stuff around and all, but royalty? I thought that stuff was extinct!

"Are you coming?" Ariana asked as she peeped her head back into the car. "The king and queen sense your presence. They're waiting, you know."

I gulped loudly, "They ... sense me? Is that normal?"

"Not exactly," she admitted. "You're the first human to ever set foot in Anastasia, so it's about right that everyone sense a change in the atmosphere. When classes start, you'll soon start to get it, I promise!" She finally urged me to get out of the car, and we both started up the magestic stairs, we trailing behind, still nervous.

"Do you take classes too?" I wondered.

"Of course! We can't ever be perfect at what we do, but we can't help but try. Liven up!" she encouraged. "It's not that scary. The King and Queen are actually really nice people."

We finally got inside the castle, and what I saw nearly threw me off my feet. It was eveything I imagined and more! The rooms were richly furnished and let me tell you, the rooms are HUGE. More than huge, actually! It's much bigger than you'd think it would look! Servants were bustling around, getting what looked like dinner ready. The mouth-watering smells sent my taste buds on a wild adventure, but Ariana hurried me along, saying I'd have all the time in the world to explore the castle.

I followed reluctatly, ignoring the stares I got from a few servants. I guess they too sensed my presence even before I entered the castle. We weaved through halls and halls, and I soon got scared that I would get lost. We finally stopped in front of a grand door, decorated with the dozens of small, average-looking fairies flying around aimlessly. I stopped short and gave Ariana a pleading look.

"I don't have to go in, do I?"


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