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Published on Dec 12, 2012

Unlockable items in this mission:
- Complete 2 challenges to unlock Fast Mags.
- Complete 5 challenges to unlock Minigun & Death Machine.

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NOTE: There's 10 challenges in each mission, but I'm only showing 9/10. Reason behind this is that the last challenge is to complete the mission without dying, which don't really need that much explanation. And chances are, you will need more than one try at a mission.

All of my videos are done in several playthroughs.

Always have the access kit equipped as it will play a huge role in all of the missions!

Challenges for this mission:

- Avoid ALL anti-air missiles - No matter how many times I tried this, I always ended up avoiding all the missiles. Just look for where the missiles is gonna hit and navigate away from the cloud of fire. You'll know if you have completed it or not shortly after you land. - 0:00

- Destroy ALL laser turrets - Theres 6 turrets in total. Two on the buildings to the left, two in the middle and two on the buildings on the right. Bring the Storm PSR for an easy way to complete this challenge. Fully charge up the Storm and fire at the laser turret and you should destroy it. - 2:20

- Destroy enemy quad drones (x3) while disabled - Right after you land, you'll see some quad drones flying around. Throw an EMP at them and destroy them while they're disabled. - 1:58

- Perform sniper kills (x10) from more than 40m distance - This one kept annoying me for some reason. I was fairly sure that I was killing the enemies from more than 40m, but I didn't get the challenge completed before the end of the outdoor area. But just stay far away from the enemies when you take the shot and this should be completed. - 3:06

- Melee camouflaged enemy personnel (x3) - To the right of the building with the turret in the window, there will spawn some enemies with the camouflage enabled. Knife 3 peoples that have the camouflage to complete the challenge. - 3:26

- Direct quad drones to eliminate enemy CLAW - To the left of the objection marker at the start of the mission, there will be a crate with some quad drones. Open the crate with the access kit and direct the quad drones to destroy the CLAW. I had to be incredibly fast to destroy it before my teammates did. - 1:20

- Eliminate enemy personnel (x5) with one strike of the kinetic projectile weapon - Behind the first building with the turret, you'll find the kinetic projectile weapon. You will need the access kit to obtain it. Wait until some enemies spawn on top of the destroyed thing. There should be 5 enemies that spawn at that location. Aim in the middle of the 5 peoples and fire the KPW. This should easily take out all 5 of them. Look through the scope of the default weapon(Target Finder) to check how many enemies that's in the area before firing the KPW. - 3:39

- Protect ASD resource to the objective location - You'll eventually get to a room where you can use your access kit to activate an ASD. After you've activated it, make sure to protect it. I didn't have any trouble with this at all. Just kill everyone you can see and stick with your ASD. The challenge will be completed after you enter the conference room. - 4:23

- Collect intel (x3)
1. The first intel is located inside a building to the right in the outdoor area. It will be on a desk at the second floor. I accidentally deleted the file with the intel, so that's why it isn't there in the video. Location are shown in the video. - 4:12
2. The second intel is located in the third row in the conferece room. Location are shown in the video. - 5:46
3. The last intel is located in the dark, round room close to the end of the mission. Jump down to the lower level of this room and you'll find the intel on two crates. Location are shown in the video. - 5:53

- 100% survivability rating - Simply means that you have to complete the mission without dying once. Do this on recruit, but be careful, the enemies can still kill you!

Previous mission, Cordis Die: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkaMog...

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