U.S. Army Trains to Take On "Local Militia Groups / Anti-Government Protesters / TEA Party"





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Published on Apr 29, 2010

U.S. Army Trains to Take On Tea Party

Kurt Nimmo
April 29, 2010

On April 17, the Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky, reported on a military exercise dubbed Mangudai, named after the special forces of Genghis Khans Mongol army who could fight for days without food or sleep. The Kentucky newspaper portrayed the exercise as an effort to train soldiers to battle the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Designed to test the limits of officers physical, mental and emotional endurance, the emerging Army exercise offered a revealing window onto modern combat training in the era of Iraq and Afghanistan, Chris Kenning wrote for the newspaper. Over three days last week, participants had to crawl on their bellies under real machine-gun fire, shimmy commando-style over a single rope high in the air and march for more than 22 miles through forests.

But according to information received by The Patriot Post blog, there is another aspect to the military exercises not reported by local media.

This week, I was contacted by a number of military personnel, enlisted and officer ranks, who expressed concern about a military exercise underway at Ft. Knox, the U.S. Bullion Depository. As with most such exercises, the Ft. Knox alert occurred in stages, as if real time intelligence was being provided at various intervals, writes Mark Alexander.

Alexander cites an intel advisory issued on Friday, April 23, 2010, that identifies terrorist threat adversaries as Local Militia Groups / Anti-Government Protesters / TEA Party (see image below).

In short, the military was training in Kentucky to take on mythical militias — no word if they were of the FBI-created variety — and remarkably the non-violent Tea Party movement.

Anti-Government Health Care Protesters have stated that they would join the TEA Party as a sign of solidarity during a protest at Fort Knox. The Tea Party groups are armed, have combative training and some are former Military Snipers. Some may have explosives training / experience, according to the intel report.

An intel report update, dated Monday, 26 April 2010, noted that a rally at the Militia compound occurred, and Viable threats have been made Many members were extremely agitated at what they referred to as Government intervention and over taxation in their lives. Alcohol use fanned the flames. Many military grade firearms were openly carried. An ad hoc shoot the government agent event was held with prizes (alcohol) given for the best shot placement.

In addition to being drunkards, the report describes the Tea Party as bomb-throwers. Components of bomb making are reported to have been on the site. Some members have criminal records relating to explosive and weapons violations.

In response to the this immediate threat, the military established concentration camps for mass arrests.

QRF, short for the Quick Reaction Force of the 16th Cavalry Regiment and the 194th Armored Brigade were placed on two hour recall. The 26 April order gives specific instructions for the 5-15 CAV (a 16th Cavalry battalion) to have weapons, ammo, vehicles and communications at ready, and it places the other 2,200 members of the units on two-hour recall. In other words, these orders are to gear up for defending Ft. Knox against Tea Party folks and their co-conspirators who oppose nationalization of our health care sector, writes Alexander.

Military officers and enlisted personnel told Alexander about their concerns:

As one put it, the exercise misrepresents freedom loving Americans as drunken, violent racists — the opponents of Obamas policies have been made the enemy of the U.S. Army.

They were equally concerned that command staff at Ft. Knox had signed off on this exercise, noting, it has been issued and owned by field grade officers who lead our battalions and brigades, which is to say many Lieutenant Colonels saw this order before it was implemented.

In fact, we can assume this exercise was orchestrated at the highest levels in the Pentagon. Lieutenant Colonels merely carry out orders.

In July, 2009, Infowars reported on a Missouri National Guard unit out of Camp Crowder engaged in a training exercise designed to take on a fictitious militant group. An earlier exercise in the Black Hills of South Dakota trained soldiers to confront an insurgent group with a reputation for harassing convoys with ambushes and improvised explosive devices.

Adding the Tea Party to the list of insurgents is a new and especially surreal development, but hardly an unexpected one considering the fear of the establishment to this growing political movement.



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