Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Unlockables(Xbox360)





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Published on Jul 22, 2009

Rank 4 Parts for all Class 1 Mobile Suit
Play as any character in Mission mode and complete the mission "The True Dynasty Warriors Gundam," then view the accompanying Terminal message afterwords.

Alternate Movie Endings
Amuro - Encounters in Space - Do not let Kai or Hayato to be defeated
Amuro - Escape - Allow Kai and Hayato to be defeated before completing the mission
Char - At the End of the Battle - Let Kamille talk to Scirocco before defeating him
Char - Prelude to Counterattack - Defeat Scirocco before Kamille talks to him
Judau - A New Journey - Defeat Haman after their conversation ends
Judau - Meeting Again - Defeat Haman before their conversation ends
Kamille - Love is the Pulse of the Stars - Save Radish from Yazan, Save Emma from Reccoa, and allow Colony Laser to fire

Hidden Missions in Mission Mode
Forced Evolution - Complete any five missions in mission mode
Yazan's Crew Test - Read Yazan's Terminal message as a current (not former) member of Titans

Unlockable Mission Mode Characters
Cecily Fairchild - Finish Seabook Arno's story missions
Dozle Zabi - Accept invitation to join Zeon and clear the missions given
Four Murasame - Finish Kamille Bidan's story missions and read the new mail to unlock Four's friendship mission; clear it
Glemy Toto - Agree to help Glemy establish his own faction while joining Axis, and clear the mission given
Gym Ghingnham - After joining Dianna Counter, have at least normal relations with Gym and he will send a mail; read and clear the mission given
Gyunei Guss - Play as Quess Paraya, and read Gyunei's mail to unlock his friendship mission; clear it
Hayato Kobayashi - Have good relations with Hayato and clear his friendship mission
Kai Shiden - Have good relations with Kai and then clear his friendship mission
Katejina Loos - Have good relations with Katejina and read her mail to unlock her friendship missions; V2 Gundam license is required to clear them
Lacus Clyne - Clear Kira Yamato & Athrun Zala's story missions, and read Lacus' mail in Kira's terminall; clear the mission given
Lunamaria Hawke - Clear Shinn Asuka's story mission and read Lunamaria's mail; Zaku II CA license is required to clear the mission
M'Quve - Read a request mail from Kycillia while joining Zeon and clear the mission given
Quess Paraya - Play as a non-Newtype, build up relation with Quess until you receive mail from her, then make the character a Newtype
Ramba Ral - Read a request mail from Dozle while joining Zeon and clear the mission given; also need to befriend Ramba Ral first
Reccoa Londe - Play as Yazan Gable and shoot down Reccoa in any mission
Rosamia Badam - Have best relations with Kamille after joining AEUG, then read his mail and clear the mission given
Sarah Zabiarov - Have good relations with Sarah and Scirocco, bad relations with Reccoa, then read Sarah's mail and clear the mission given
Sleggar Law - Play as a female character, have good relations with Sleggar, and then read his mail to unlock his friendship mission; clear it
Yazan Gable - Have good relations with Yazan after joining Titans, read his mail and clear the test mission given

Unlockable Story Mode Characters
Amuro Ray - Finish Amuro Storyline in story mode
Char Aznable - Finish Char Storyline in story mode
Judau Ashta - Finish Judau Storyline in story mode
Kamille Vidan - Finish Kamille Storyline in story mode


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