How to Make a Silver Coin Ring - Washington Quarter Style





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Published on Jan 18, 2011

How to Make a Silver Coin Ring

Don't worry - this is perfectly legal, so you can sleep at night! It is only against the law if you are manipulating the coin for fraudulent purposes (i.e. trying to pass off a quarter as a dollar coin is fraudulent). As long as you don't try to pass the ring off as a more valuable piece of currency, the Federal Agents will most likely stay off your back.


- One coin (preferably silver)
- Hard metal surface
- Hammer
- Drill
- Small rounded file
- Flat file
- Fine Emery Cloth
- Silver Polish

STEP 1 - Find a clean coin. Almost any coin will do. You can use a silver dollar, a half dollar, a quarter, or any foreign coin of your choice. The half dollars and quarters are the best in terms of size. Silver is the best choice of metal content because of its malleability, great shine, and higher value. Any half dollar or quarter with a mint date of 1964 or before contain 90% silver. These are the best.

STEP 2 - Find a hard metal surface on which to work. An anvil is ideal, but you can also use that 15 lb weight in your basement. Keep in mind that the metal on this surface might get a little dinged up.

STEP 3 - Take your hammer (some people claim a spoon works, as well) and very gently tap on the rim of the coin repeatedly as you slowly roll the coin on the metal surface. You must tap very gently or the coin may warp. Rolling the coin as you tap ensures equal pressure on all side of the coin. After a few minutes of tapping and rolling, the edges on your coin should be smooth.

STEP 4 - Continue tapping gently on the rim of the coin as you roll it across your metal surface. After about a half hour, the edges of the coin should begin to bevel out equally on both sides. Stop tapping when the inside diameter of the coin is the size you want it to be at.

STEP 5 - Drill a hole in the center of the coin large enough to fit your rounded file.

STEP 6 - Use your rounded file to file out the remaining insides of the coin until you reach the inner edge.

STEP 7 - Use the flat file to file down the sides of the coin to your desired width. Also use the flat file to round the edges of the coin.

STEP 8 - Use a fine emery cloth (sandpaper) to smooth out any rough edges or surfaces on the inside and outside of the coin.

STEP 9 - Use a silver polish cloth or silver cleaning solution to polish the coin and give it a nice shine.

Please see the video below for a demonstration on how to make a coin ring. Remember, this project will take a little time, patience, and care. So go slowly, and have fun!

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