Xpecial 'Grilled': "The best thing about Doublelift was his laning." (Episode #79)





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Published on Oct 15, 2013

Alex "Xpecial" Chu, Support of Team SoloMid, is the star of the 79th episode of Thorin's 'Grilled' interview series.

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Time line of topics

00:09 Intro

00:17 Did Chaox overrate himself?

01:42 How good was Chaox as an AD in S2?

02:48 The criticism that Chaox was too passive.

03:49 Does the Support have to be more aggressive if the AD is more passive?

05:18 Did the TSM 2012 botlane try to go even as a philosophy?

06:24 Is WildTurtle better than Chaox overall?

07:49 Comparing Doublelift to WildTurtle and Chaox.

09:17 How does WildTurtle compare mechanically to Doublelift?

10:23 Did playing with Doublelift in the All-star games give him a new appreciation for the Doublelift-Chauster botlane?

11:04 Has Doublelift's personality changed from his time being the student of Chauster?

11:55 What does Doublelift need from a Support?

14:17 What was Chaox's role in pick/ban and strategy?

15:18 Which was the most difficult botlanes for the 2012 TSM botlane to play?

17:24 If CLG hadn't gone to Korea would they have beaten TSM and won LANs?

18:38 Did he buy into any of CLG's stories of potential with their line-ups post S2 Worlds?

20:04 The line about TSM always losing to Asian teams.

21:27 Losing to Asian teams due to Reginald's aggressive playing style.

23:31 Did TheOddOne camp Reginald's lane too much at the S3WC?

25:11 Has Dyrus developed problems with choking just recently?

26:52 Reginald's personality as a leader.

28:54 How did the TSM botlane do in scrims and matches at the S3WC?

30:23 Is uzi the clear-cut best AD in the world?

31:31 What does Xpecial do for the other members of TSM?

32:30 Thoughts on Genja.

33:47 How does Genja succeed if his builds are sub-optimal?

34:24 Genja's positioning.

35:19 Who is the best botlane he's ever played?

36:04 Who is the most impressive Support he's ever played against?

36:53 Picking out Supports outside of NA who play similarly to Xpecial.

37:48 What did he think of Mata's failure at the S3WC?

39:04 Is MadLife really a level above other Supports?

40:22 Did Thresh coming around force Xpecial to be more aggressive?

42:20 The legend of Xpecial being capable of playing mid and top, possibly as good as players like Reginald and Dyrus.

44:24 Thoughts on Yellowstar as Support.

45:05 Hypothetical: what if Xpecial and Doublelift were a botlane for a year?

47:10 Hypothetical: Which dominant Asian AD would he like to partner with?

48:46 Hypothetical: is there an AD who doesn't have a good Support now, who Xpecial could make better?

50:14 Patoy (Dignitas)

51:40 LemonNation (Cloud9)

52:25 How were Cloud9 able to dominate NA without their laners being superstars?

53:30 Is laning not as important in NA?

54:25 Cloud9's potential problems playing all-star mids.

55:27 Does Xpecial think Europe was better than NA at S3WC?

57:20 Would TSM have won Group B?

58:26 Which was the best game of Xpecial's career?

59:52 Aliens come to Earth, kill all of TSM but Xpecial. They make him compose a LoL superteam of NA players he has never played with before.

1:03:16 Final words/Outro.

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