Blue Monday - Orgy Expert Full Band GH5





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Uploaded on Sep 7, 2010


Hey guys! So far this month, we have gotten absolutely no wind about the songs for GH5, nothing from Activision and nothing from the stupid wii hackers. "WAT IZ TEH DEE EL SEAZ U FGT" You may ask? (considering the general age of my viewers , this is to be expected)

Well Darren and I stayed up and it actually didn't take long for the songs to show up. it's weird to kind of point out I think I was pretty much the first to confirm it, but yeah I noticed the six pack weirdly stick out of place and I was like oshit WAIT GODSMACK LOLWAT

So yeah, Rock 1 track pack kind of cool that Guitar Hero is releasing bigger packs, perhaps we'll see a trend of this in the future? Considering that Warriors of Rock is being released soon, but who knows. It's good not to get your hopes of for dlc because shit like this happens and you get legitimately excited that you were surprised and have double your normal amount of songs to do!

That being said, this is not really my kind of music, I mean, I like Epic and Last Resort, but that's just because I hear them a lot. Not too fond of the other songs except for the Blue Monday that's going to be in Rock Band 3!! And I guess something was wrong with the other Last Resort and this is the "good" version or something

So no Kingsy until GHWOR because he was in a "rut" and sold all his shit hah so yeah just gonna be DarrenSanch and I for a bit, with other people I guess, depending on who's hopefully going to join us. LUCKILY we had SideshowN and Yusuke to join us on the surprise dlc (which was also a surprise for me), I was getting frustrating because my stupid idiot fucking cocksucking brother was being a little pussy and wouldn't get up, "nehnehneh I have school nehneh" WELL WE ALL HAVE SCHOOL NO!? I mean, from the Eagles pack to Alice Cooper, I had school every single one of those mornings and I was up and ready at 2am every Thursday/tuesday and have yet to miss a day! I'm pretty sure it's near the 100th consecutive week I've been doing this so yayyy

And so yeah, they're pretty awesome. And I'm not going to lie, I'd take this week in ghdlc over rock band's (give or take one or two songs, either end actually), just sayin'




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