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Published on Aug 6, 2013

Click here for the new exclusive HD Remix abilities: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_n5IE...
There is a total of 11 new abilities in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: 10 for Sora, 1 for Goofy. These are, of course, abilities known by those people who already played Final Mix long ago, so this video is addressed to those who didn't have a chance to play it yet.
Remember that choosing the weapon (Dream Sword, Dream Rod or Dream Shield) at the beginning will define the order of learning them. Af for the Heartless respawn system, respawn either if we go back on the Gummiship, exit the game or going to a few different areas of the same world.

- Sliding Dash
AP Cost: 1
Obtained: LV 6 (Sword); LV 51 (Rod); LV 39 (Shield)

- Slapshot
AP Cost: 1
Obtained: LV 12 (Sword); LV 69 (Rod); LV 6 (Shield)

- Stun Impact
AP Cost: 2
Obtained: LV 51 (Sword); LV 6 (Rod); LV 18 (Shield)

- Hurricane Period
AP Cost: 2
Obtained: LV 27 (Sword); LV 18 (Rod); LV 51 (Shield)

- Ripple Drive
AP Cost: 3
Obtained: LV 39 (Sword); LV 12 (Rod); LV 69 (Shield)

- Gravity Break
AP Cost: 2
Obtained: Complete the Hercules Cup Time Trial

- Zantetsuken
AP Cost: 2
Obtained: Defeat Kurt Zisa at Agrabah

- Leaf Bracer
AP Cost: 5
Obtained: LV 69 (Sword); LV 39 (Rod); LV 27 (Shield)

- Encounter Up
AP Cost: 1
Obtained: Synthetize 15 Items in the Moogle Shop at Traverse Town

- Tech Up
AP Cost: 2
Obtained: LV 18 (Sword); LV 27 (Rod); LV 12 (Shield)
Also, when: Reaching level 81; Completing the Phil Cup Time Trial; Rescuing 99 puppies

- Evolution (Goofy)
AP Cost: 3
Obtained: LV 30

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If you'd like to see a different walkthrough for this game with commentary, check out wariorcamicase's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/wariorcam...
He's a good friend of mine and totally deserves more views for his efforts.

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