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Uploaded on Sep 4, 2006

What if the Galactica found Earth in the 23rd Century and unfortunately they must trespass through Klingon space!!!!!!

And of course the galactic geek question: "Who would win if the Enterprise fought the Galactica?"

In the last year or so there's been some interesting and bizarre debates about the "who would win?"

So here's Bobby Diablo's Galactic Geek ground rules for this scenario taking place in DC Crisis Earth Universe 66.5:

Section A: Battlestar Galactica
1) Quit referencing the new version of Galactica. No bullets on these old school ships: Lasers & Missiles were established in the original show. The timeline of when the show occurs was sort of established by Galactica 1980, a 2nd version of the show Universal Studios is trying to forget about and so are we.

1a) Quit using ST:TNG, DS9 or VOY as references. Yes, I borrowed clips from TNG for the Klingons, but this set in the 23rd Century of ST:TOS. There are 78 years between old school Trek and the beginning of TNG. No Quantum Torpedoes, etc... So, the easy answer is the 23rd Century Enterprise-A shields suck and can't stop Colonial lasers. ( the Vulcans solved that problem by the 24th Century) 2nd answer: the lasers "just happen to operate" on the same shield frequency as the Enterprise-A or 3) the rules of "exotic" technologies. root beer?

2) Very few Galactica ships can go past Light Speed. (See: The Long Patrol episode: recon viper) The Galactica was established at a max of Light speed.

3) Size wise, according to the original BSG show and show's bible then: the battlestar is about 3 miles long. Thats a lot of 800 year old Colonial tin and rusted pipes. Must be pretty damn durable. Union labour built?

4) BSG Power source: was established as Tylenium fuel, and shes a plasma gas guzzler.

Section B) Star Trek (mostly old school- aka TOS)
5) In the episodes the Enterprise sometimes battled at sublight. The Klingons reasoning I guess, is they like to see the "terror of thier enemies eyes" thru the windows.

6) Shields. (Exotic Difference in Tech example:) In DS9 the Jem H'dar pounded the hell out of the Federation as thier weapons cut thru shields faster than an Ridley Scott Alien spilling blood on the decks of the Nostramo! Same principle applies here with the Galactica lasers, except the Klingon shields use a different alien tech, so the Galactica weapons aren't as effective. (Run with it, you'll enjoy the show better. Also if you're of age: get a beer.)

7) The Viper pilots shoot the Enterprise because a) they're in a war and a big white ship shows up, whom they don't know and kinda looks like a Klingon ship, maybe it's re-enforcements? " The design of the ship is the same." - James T Kirk- Stardate 4523.3

b) They're also trigger happy space cowboys once blood has been spilt. Note: They also cheat at Pyramid.

8)Photon Torpedoes. Yup, they kick ass and apparently can be set to change thier destructive yields. Also the Feds use hard cased torps and the Klingons use HUGE energy photon cannon ports on their bows! Go figure. In an early version we had the Battlestar Pegasus blown up after 3 Klingon torps, but hey it's a big ship with a lot of Colonial metal so we re-edited and she dies with 12-15 hits.

9) Relax, have a fumarillo and chill as in the 90 minute version everyone has a Shakepearian ending. "Let slip the dogs of war." - Some Bald Klingon General Dude named PF Chang.

10) Yes, This "Trailer/ Short is "all over the place." It was just meant give the you an idea of the 90 minute version which has a much more cohesive pacing for story and action sequences. Like a movie trailer. Maybe some day I'll upload that version.

So as Stan Lee says: Excelsior! True Believer!

This video is probably about the 15th edited version of this question. A friend of mine and I edited the original called "The All Out Attack" back in high school/1983 using his betamax and my VHS deck. We'd have all night editing marathons on the week-ends. In 2002 I re-edited a 90 minute version called "Conquest of the Galaxy" using better VHS tapes for fun, and to see if it was possible using some many different elements, and "craft/edit" a co-hesive storyline, from programs that were never meant to be together. "A 90 minute version, are you insane?" LOL. Yes I am. But surprisingly, it works. This 9 minute version plays like a explosion trailer. But its fun, if you like to watch Birds or Prey fight Vipers! It is what is, but I hope you'll enjoy the diversionary sci-fi romp. Some have requested I post the 90 minute version, I'm not going to, as you really need to be a die-hard fan and it wouldn't be as fun all chopped up in 10 minute pieces.


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