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[Dark Souls] New Londo Ruins - Out of Bounds Area





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Published on Jul 23, 2012

It has come to my attention that some people have been stealing this video. I don't have any idea why they would want to or why they won't give credit back to this one. I specifically asked one of the guys that stole it to link back to this one so people could have higher quality video (as his looked like it had a bitrate of around 200) and he isn't doing it. If you see any of these copies, please just link them back to this one. I'm not partnered with youtube, I don't make money. I simply just don't like people that steal without giving credit.

Couple of notes:
1) This is done on a PS3 console, I have no idea if it works on XBox but I see no reason why it wouldn't.

2) Water must be lowered, obviously. If you were to do low level Gravelording before the fall to the Abyss you'll have to kill Ingward for the key so you can lower the water since he doesn't hand over the key unless you have the Lord Vessel.

3) Covenant of Artorias Ring isn't 100% required to do this, HOWEVER, you will not be able to fall into the Abyss without dying as far as I can tell. The 4 Kings are dead on this save file and I still die on the fall to the Abyss without the ring on. The terrain seems to enjoy randomly kill you and it is less likely to do so with the Covenant of Artorias ring equipped.

4) Upon jumping into the water your controls will become extremely warped. Often times when I'm running down I'm actually holding my joystick Up/Up-Right. In some spots of the terrain, holding your joystick in a direction will cause your character to rapidly spin in place. It takes a while to learn how to control and gets worse the farther you explore the water, though the Abyss area seems somewhat less glitchy with controls.

5) There's a lot more you can explore obviously, I just wanted to show where to jump and that you can fall into the Abyss. Before falling to the Abyss there are stairs you can go up (I run past one shortly after jumping in the water) and after the second set of stairs your camera will flip toward the ceiling. So there's more to see, try it yourself!

6) Some areas are still labeled as instant death, even with the covenant ring on. Most notably the right side of the second set of stairs, attempting to walk there the game will instantly kill you.

7) As pointed out by both Popyea and Timleytrip, you can save/exit the game and regain control of your camera. Moving to some areas will re-glitch the camera (such as at the top of the second set of stairs), while other areas will not unglitch with a save/reload. Unglitching the camera after falling into the Abyss will just put you in the Abyss if you've killed the 4 Kings.

8) On a character that has not killed 4 Kings, falling into the Abyss will cause the boss health bar to appear, but nothing else seems to happen. I wasn't getting boss music and nothing was attacking me. If you save and exit while in the Abyss like this, it'll put you back where you fell in with your camera unglitched, if you then fall back in (Or unglitch your camera before falling in the first place) in you'll see a flash of the 4 Kings on your screen when you hit the bottom and then the fight will start as normal as far as I can tell.


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