Gun Control: The Second Amendment Under Attack!





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Published on Sep 3, 2012

The attack on the Constitution continues!
Your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms so you can change government when it's too corrupt, will soon be gone. That's because they don't want you changing the regime, when you have had enough. Dictators seize the press. That's done. They erode the Constitution. That's been going on for decades now. They eventually take away free speech and the right bear arms and that's going on now. The secret government, which owns thousands of agencies and organizations, which include the world's largest illegal drug dealer, the CIA, hypnotized a man and doped him so that he could take the blame for work done by trained assassins. Those trained assassins were likely unaware that they were assassins and if you read the Andy Pero story on this channel, you learn the truth about the CIA and the military. They take anyone they want. They train them to murder or be a child prostitute and then they have them do their deeds. When the CIA is done with them, they eliminate them and that's the truth! They killed Andy Pero many times. Americans are undergoing a process to demoralize you at the airports, touch your genitals and break you for the purpose of control. If you're not alarmed about it, just hand over your guns now and volunteer to be the first ones in the FEMA camps, because your life is over. Slavery is for you! If you don't want to be anyone's slave and you want still a chance at life, then you must oppose the plans of the Nazis. You must learn the truth and spread it. Using guns is to no avail, in this very important matter. We can easily defeat the dictator, by spreading the truth and soon, that's all you're going to have available to you. Your guns will be taken. They are dead serious about this and that's why they murdered more 12 innocent people who just came to watch a Batman movie. Were you fooled by the official story? It doesn't agree with the eye witnesses version. Does it sound familiar? It was the same in 9/11 and in the Oklahoma City Bombing. Remember, William Rodriguez wasn't called to testify before the 9/11 Omission Commission and the report is nothing but lies, just like the Warren Report. Dig into any major event and you find the same pattern. Government lies, cover ups and flagrant crimes committed by insiders. It's time for change and you're not going to ever get it, by picking the LESSER OF TWO EVILS. They robbed us of the only Constitutional candidate and gave us two Nazis to choose from. Now, they want your guns, because you're not going to like what they have planned and so they are buying bullets by the billions and planning to subdue the citizens. Taking your guns is a vital step and Hillary is at the UN right now, making promises to disarm you. It's the UN which now decides if we go to war, not our own cowardly Congress. This defies the Constitution and is all part of the dictatorial plan of world control. You can oppose it or you can be enslaved.

If the justification for taking guns is that they kill people, then who has killed more people with guns and bombs and lethal injections into our veins, rat poison, in our drinking water, starvation of kids in Africa, kids, dying of thirst in India?

Government! That's who!

Governments have killed 290 million people, in the past 100 years, alone!

The people should disarm Government, not the other way around!


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