London Hoax/False Flag - One Nation, Under Surveillance, Except Parliament/Big Ben





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Published on Apr 1, 2017

London - Amazing a city practically under 24/7 CCTV surveillance, (except the most vulnerable area of the entire city), since 6/1/2016.

The 3/22 Hoax/False Flag - One Nation, Under Surveillance, Except the most vulnerable, terrorist potential/government Center of the city?

To save 2 million, or 1 million pounds (depending on the report you read) Westminster (Central London) decided to "turn off" their surveillance cameras since last June '16.

Apparently the cost (a rounding error for a municipality such as the city of London/Westminster) was too high, and the terror-target didn't need CCTV *(unlike the rest of the entire country).

I was surprised to hear the price for the huge Orwellian surveillance apparent near Westminster were so low.

This appears to be a "White House Shooter" level mid-level psyop in order to increase security and surveillance near "sensitive" areas of London (Parliament).

Apparently the Borus Buses which traversed the bridge at the same time don't have working video cameras on them? Most Double decker buses in London should have very good CCTV footage, not grainy bullcrap.

In fact, it is amazing how grainy, and bad the "only CCTV footage" we get to see is, now isn't it?

The people interviewed were mainly foreigners.. Almost none of them spoke fluent British English - and while London does have a huge immigrant population, I find this suspicious.

Anyway.. Westminster turning their CCTV off before this event happened is enough proof for me... The sign on the sidewalk warning of street repairs not being hit also is a big red flag for me.


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