Asher Roth, Chamillionaire - Not A College





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Uploaded on Aug 15, 2009

Asher Roth, Chamillionaire - Not A College
Asher Roth Vs Chamillionaire Mashup
Lyrics vvvvvv
Take it outcha hands (hands), take it outcha hands (oh!)
Money talks, only language that I understand
I heard that Puff and Jay was worth over three hundred mill (yeah)
That mean this year I gotta put it in three hundred gill (yeah)
You on a treadmill homey, you just runnin still
You sense the rap but all the other rappers love the field
I got the plaque but now I'm back for the reload
We know, I'ma still stick to the street code
Tell me what the industry is lookin at me for?
'Cause he sold platinum and they didn't think it would be gold
Now they tryna tell me that there will never be more
But these flows are sure to be a (oh!) to your ego
Yeah I'm from the South, they try to tell me that we slow
But it's ironic how ya tryna keep up with me though

[Chorus Two: Chamillionaire & Kelis]
Everywhere that I go-ooo-oooh
[Everywhere I go, they look at me like a criminal)
But I'ma C.E.O-ooo-oooh
[I'ma C.E.O., I'ma suffer for a D.E.O.)
I already got do-ooo-oooh--ough
[I already got dough, but I think it's time for me to get more)
I'ma C.E.O-ooo-oooh
[I'ma C.E.O., I'ma suffer for a D.E.O.)
I'm not a criminal!

Call up Universal, tell 'em open up the vault
And tell 'em that I just had another million dollar thought!
Hours do not sell, they tell me we ain't in a drought
I bet I run in these labels for the (dough!) and break 'em off
I'ma boss, ye-yeah my money is unlimited (oh!)
Sorta like my Motorola minutes is
Idiots, Koopa 'bout to tell you what the bidness is
Rappin this, rapper major label owner gettin rich
Wha'chu mean the label didn't promote?
I put a million on a million and do it 'til I go broke!
Might have to run for president so gimme ya vote!
'Cause Bin Laden wouldn't be the only one in the scope! {*gun shot*}
Get a rope! And duck tape, there's 'bout to be a crime
Simplify ya songs, I ain't simplifyin mine
The industry done got in the streets, that's why rap is dyin
Don't get it confused, I'ma still show you how to grind
They tell me if I write a lullaby for the females (no!)
The D sales is sure to skyrocket the retail
Hope you gotta back up plan, if you see D fail
I drown 'em like seashells, 'til they hit these shelves

[Chorus Two]

Oh! Everybody get low, this a stick-up, everybody get low (everybody get low!)
Everybody get low, this a stick-up, everybody get low (everybody get.. low!) {*gun shot*}
Ultimate victory, I'm back for the reload
But we know, I'ma still stick to the street code (everybody get low!)
You seein somethin pretty in the middle of the road
Bouncin off rounds like the brick of the free throw (everybody get low!)
I told 'em tomorrow I'ma be on BET
Look at all the free clothing that they came and gave to me (everybody get oh!)
I told 'em tomorrow I'ma be on MTV
Look at all the jewelry, my jeweler gave to me for free (Chamillitary mayne!)
I'm winnin so keep the hatin to a minimal
Y'all need to all give applause to the general (oh!)
I'm hearin how y'all talk in ya interviews
Y'all really all just be talk like a interlude
Poppin at the mouth (oh!), while I'm poppin tags
Fifty thousand in my pocket, pants gotta sag
Magazine crtics always talkin like they bad
Never in the streets tryna hide behind a pen and pad
But it's okay! I know why you gettin mad
'Cause you know I got a lotta whatever you never had
Gotta better pad (oh!), gotta better slab
We gon' keep it movin, try ya best to getta cab
Remember you was jammin Master P
Now that Houston super hot, you tryna ask for me
They be askin for a verse, they don't even ask the fee
Tellin me how many bars to spit, like that's for free
ANNNHHH! Try again, sorry, better luck next time
Unless I'm sleep, the only time it's not, let's grind!
Y'all need to stop like the words on a red sign
Unless I'm pointing somethin, tellin ya, "Get down!" {*screwed*}

[Outro: Chamillionaire]
Oh! Everybody get low, this a stick-up, everybody get low
Everybody get low, this a stick-up, everybody get low
Not a criminal!


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