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Published on Jul 3, 2012

Today I am finally posting a map I have wanted to for some time. Thanks to Slippery Jim I found out what the required steps for this are and what to do. Below are those steps so you to can beast it. I really really really hope you enjoy this!!! Thanks for Watching!!!!!!

Download this map here (UGX Cabin):

Steps for Beating UGX Cabin:

1. Open the first gate (pretty easy step lol)

2. Turn off the electric gate. There are three switches in the first two areas (the spawn area and the area behind the gate that you just opened).
These switches are randomized each game exactly the same way that the levers on ZM_Mars are organized (fun fact, treminaor actually used the same code to
make the cabin switches lol). If you pull a switch and it sticks then that one is good. If you hit another switch and it doesn't, then they all get reset
and you have to start back from the beginning. The good thing is they don't cost any cash to use so get one runner or a crawler and nail down those three switches.

3. Proceed into the cabin and go upstairs. Watch out though, as soon as you enter the cabin about 10 zombies will spawn rush their way out of it. My
recommendation is to quickly enter, trigger the zombies, then exit and kill them outside. Proceed upstairs and a door will open leading into the room with
the friendly AI. All alive players must be present. You are safe once inside and the dialogue begins however the rounds continue. You need to time it right
so the dialogue ends as soon as the round you are on ends so you don't get destroyed inside the cabin. Staying inside the cabin during a round is a big no-no
lol. I'd start this step by killing about 5 or 6 zombies at the beginning of the round from the top of the stairs and then book it inside the dialogue room.
I've gotten this down so that the dialogue ends and there is maybe one or two zombies left alive, plenty for you to book it outside.

4. Go into the basement and run up to the door. This triggers a key to be spawned outside in the forest.

5. Find the key. The key is randomized all over the entire forest so it's best to get a lone runner and search for it. It's glowing so it stands out a tiny
bit but you still need to look closely for it. It's not like a giant god ray is coming out of the sky :)

6. Now that you have the key, go back to the basement and the door will open when you run up to it. Run through the tunnel and you'll see in a little side
passage at the end of it. This area triggers another cutscene in which you will be safe so I'd recommend killing several zombies to start the round and then
going inside the room so the dialogue ends when all the zombies have died off.

7. You now have to book it upstairs cause you have two minutes to call off the impending airstrike. Go back to the room with the friendly AI, they have all turned
to zombies so kill them and then go inside and call off the airstrike.

8. Go back down to the russian in the basement. This just triggers dialogue but does NOT provide you with a safe zone so you need to just trigger the dialogue
and then book it out. The dialogue triggers the three car parts to spawn which is the final objective.

9. Find the three car parts. You have the steering wheel, the wheel, and fuel. All three of these parts are randomized each game. They only have to spawn
locations each so they aren't too difficult to find. They only spawn inside the cabin (including upstairs and the basement) and outside in the first tiny area
(where I train in the video) so don't go looking down in the forest :)

10. Once you have all three pieces head over to the jeep in it's little shed and enjoy the ride!

A couple tips:
*Never stay inside the cabin during a zombie round unless you are triggering a cutscene.
*I find it easiest to train the zombies right outside the cabin but I know x-president likes to train down in the forest. Whatever works for you.
*Timing is critical. Starting the cutscenes too early or too late can result in you getting trapped inside the cabin amidst an onslaught of zombies. Don't let
that happen.
*The boxes on the ground are ammo but there are only a limited number of boxes so don't grab them every time you see one. You won't see an ammo counter on
your weapon until you get down to the last clip or two so use that to judge when you need to use the ammo boxes.
*If you are playing with more than one player realize that if they die, the weapons they took off the ground DON'T respawn. So I've been in games where all my
teammates died and they took all the weapons with them to the grave. They had to spawn and play with only a pistol. Reviving is critical to preventing that, or
just play solo


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