Star Power - Blood On the Dance Floor Official Song





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Published on Jun 12, 2011
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For all the haters: Why be here if you hate it, just stay away. It's as simple as that. I don't like Justin Beiber, but you don't see me going to his music saying" oh, you should go kill yourself if you like him" I just stay away. again it's as simple as that.
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Xx_EmoGirl _xX
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Kennie Lee
I haven't listened to a blood on the dance floor song since 2012. This is going to become a very bad guilty pleasure. Most of my friends think my K-Pop obsession is bad...
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katie bowker
Kennie Lee fuck what they say you do you and if they like it who cares your not In this world to impress no-one
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Jessica TheNeko
I love this song, and i don't give a fuck who Disagrees.
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Julianna Valure
TheGamingNub RBLX u just say that cause ur afraid to admit they're both sexy as fuck.
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Chobbit cookTM
Ppl say botdf is only for emo girls. I'm not emo but I love the style and the music. Botdf is for everyone not just emos. Reply if you agree
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Jazzy Is Fearless
Hugo Davis
i agree queen
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Erica `i think`
2016 and still love botdf!!! like if you agree!
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Elijah Sanchez
+unknown killjoy Yeah I have grown out of that "phase" wouldn't call it a phase though lol but yeah don't listen to them anymore but I will never hate on them..ever..or on anyone.
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Alexandria Love
"Screamo" "Punk" and "Emo" music has reduced suicide rates by 89%. I Dare You To Say This Music Is "Shit"!
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Chris PW
Alexandria Love This music is still shit
Dr. Drastic
this is the worst band I have heard in my life...
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Fem Sebastian michaelis
lord D. Vanity  <3
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Super Sayain Sly
i have no idea whats going on now.
Mandy Sixx
YUSS! <3
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Jays Like WTF do I Do With This Mushroom Im Tall Enough
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Vixx Haisey
He be like "mm maybe I should use it on meh....."
lexy kat
Made my day
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I don't even like this "music" (I just listen to it because I'm curious about their songs okay) but if there are people who want to listen to this stuff, then let them be. A lot of (these) people think that rappers make terrible shit but they don't always comment that on every video of them they can find. You haters make them famous too
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yaoi hands
yeah famous in a really bad way that's not good, is it
Rox The Hearteater
+CupCakeCreat0r I'm curious too. :3
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Brianna Rose
Hi BOTDF fans
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Anime Izzy
Hai :3
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