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Published on Dec 1, 2009

Would You Wait (song about prostitution)
a-slam music productions
Things you can do right now:

Easy actions:
- Wear a 'Buying Sex is Not a Sport' t-shirt (see above link)
- Send a 'Canada Can Do Better for Prostituted Women' postcard your MP/MLA: http://canadacan.blogspot.com/
- repost this vid, RATE/COMMENT, share it with friends
- Challenge the notion that women's bodies are a commodity or are "for sale"
- *****Oppose the legalization (or total decriminalization) of prostitution, and instead advocate for laws to decriminalize the selling of sex and criminalize the buying of sex.****
- Challenge misogyny in the media (print, film, video games, etc.) and in the form of joking. This is a breeding ground for how men are taught to view women.

Beat by DJ ExxQuiZit
Written & Produced by "E.V."
Vocals by "E.V.", Shivangi
Vocal Clips: Michelle Miller, Trisha Baptie, Annabel Webb
Song Inspired by Trisha Baptie

Track photo:

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Michelle Miller:
Prostitution is violence against women driven by the male demand for sexual access to the bodies of women and children.
The average age of recruitment into prostitution is fourteen.
Most often theyre not seen as human which is perhaps why theyre murdered at a higher rate than any group of women ever studied.
We have abandoned our most vulnerable women to predatory male demand for paid sex.
She said Michelle, legalization would be like placing me on a silver platter and serving it over to death.

Hook (Shivangi & E.V.)
[Would you wait?] Why do we wait so long to change something that we know is so wrong?
[Would you wait?] Why do we wait so hard, like its not our own daughters on those blocks?
[Would you wait?] Why do we take so long I thought we agreed slavery was wrong?
[Would you wait?] Would you wait so long if it was your own daughter on that block [would you wait?]

Born into a household that is so cold
I wish thats not how all these stories would go
Most of them are worse, so much worse I suppose
Brought over from other countries with nowhere to go

I just hope they dont die or go missing again
Get out before that time (time) comes (comes) again (again)
Its not even the extremes that we need to prevent
From the beginning we need to be better to our women

Now back to my friend in a home so cold
A mom beat up, so blood spills from her nose
I knew the police by first name, please Joe
Can you take him away?, Only if she says so.

Well, she won't, she got nowhere to go,
And so I end up in foster care, 10 years old
With a mom that didn't want me, wish she'd never leave us alone
He doesn't know what it means when I scream no


Now they call me a home wrecker, what did I do?
I was raped now Im a sexual deviant too?
Im only 12, feel like Im 22,
I didn't chose to be put in a home with no school

And these pimps they know where all the group homes are
Say I can make some money, addicted to alcohol
End up on Kiddy Corner, waiting for my first car
I could fit in that baby seat in the back, with that doll

And he says You know what I need to do
He doesnt care why Im there or what Ive been through
At what age can we not consider this rape?
Oh right, I chose this lifestyle its ok

Trisha Baptie:
We need to call prostitution what it really is, which is violence against women.
Calling it violence against women, and an attack on womens equality, allows us to name the injustice that we have to fight against.
Supporting the criminalization of the demand of prostitution, which is referred to as the Swedish model of law, or as of late, the Nordic model of law, which calls for an end of the commodification of womens bodies, is pro women and pro equality.

Annabel Webb:
When men are preying on girls, we understand that age is an inequality that makes them vulnerable.
Why dont we make that same analysis when it comes to poverty? When it comes to colonization? When it comes to gender?
We see prostitution as male violence until they hit eighteen.
Im tired of talking about women and girls and their ability to consent to prostitution.
The male behavior, the sexually abusive acts are exactly the same.
Whether or not a girl is seventeen or whether shes twenty-one.

Hook [repeat]

Trisha Baptie:
I would hope. I hope.
That society can see this exploitation for what it is, and would demand the furthering of womens equality, womens opportunity, and womens economic security, rather than furthering the narcissistic patriarchal belief that men should be able to cum how they want at all times, no matter what the collateral damage is, like womens equality.

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