Ju-jitsu VS Karate: final fight





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Published on Jul 3, 2011

Very cheap Japanese movie, but with a great final fight. My review of the movie (in French and English): http://echecetcinemat.wordpress.com/2...

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in the old samurai  japan... brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners would be all dead.
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Well i hope you know that in old samurai japan, an avarage japanese dude was 140cm tall, and weight like 40kgs Xd Besides in old samurai Japan unarmed combat didnt exist yet, first Jiu-Jutsu appeared only by 16th century. Before that, only weapon training existed.
Amator Luna
that's not bjj its jujitsu the original form. and maybe. I can think certain levels that would survive.
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Nathan Garza
I kept expecting them to get up and go get some sushi together. 
👍 for jujitsu
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Yonatan Lexi
Jon fritts i'am a orange belt
Jon fritts
+juiceman 23 Oliver I do gracie jujitsu I'm a yellow belt
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Elham Hammad
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whatever makes your boat float bro.
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sid de castro
in this days i am a karate practitioner and i can say if you dont know the moves of a ju-jitsu player he can really break your bones...so thats why i am also doing ju-jitsu
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Luke Raven
Hoovy 4002 It seems like we need to complete our karate with some judo and or jiu jitsu xd
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Ju jitsu wins 
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Connor Troup
Not much finesse was there
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Wilfred Ds
what the hell is that ? Karate matches will usually last a few seconds, and someone will be out completely. Such nonsense.
spadjj ender
Raichu Power I do karate to
kitty lion
Wilfred Ds I do karate and ikr
sirdosh 02
I hold fifth dans in both karate and "traditional" jujitsu, the art shown in the film, not brazillian jujitsu, though both are related. The traditional arts of jujitsu include as many strikes and kicks as karate and involve both throwing choking and strangling as well as joint locking techniques. Karate itself is a relatively new art founded in the late nineteenth century by Gichin Funakoshi, based on the various te arts of the okinawan islands, based loosely on white crane kung fu mixed with some jujitsu. Jujitsu itself is still evolving and has adopted influences from many arts and has influenced many others. In short most martial arts cover the same ground but differ mainly in the loading bias they give to a particular set of techniques, some grapple more some strike more and some take a middle ground.
Jia Jie Chow
sirdosh 02 what is the style of the Japanese Jiu Jitsu you are learning? I am interested.
The Joker
This all could have been solved with a bullet.
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Herbin' Avenger
+K hy48... Or better yet, a good bowl.
Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum.
+K hy48 In my Country there is no guns. A fight is a fair fight, unless its 3 on 1 haha
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if this was real, karate man would have lost his arms to ju jitsu man before he could do all of those cool kicks.
Boi Fillet
Yeah and the collar choke he had would have finished him.
Right? He had him in armbars half a dozen times in the first few minutes of the fight and didn't break his limbs. Typical movie logic I guess.
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