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Published on Jun 22, 2011

Magikarp Sweep, Pokemon Black and White
This guy thought he could get a cheap win using legendaries. Magikarp had to step in!

Please note that these take multiple attempts and are gimmick sets in nature. They can be only pulled of against inexperienced people.This is no way Insulting them but just a JOKE to see a very underused or never used pokemon. Alot of the sets you see will not suffice In a real battle situation and are merely to play the role to accomplish the sweep. Baton passing can be very easily beaten by many different methods. Some of these include taunt, torment, roar, whirlwind,any kind of entry hazard such as toxic spikes, spikes, stealth rock. Priority moves such as bullet punch, mach punch, shadow sneak, ice shard, aqua jet and quick attack. Also having a sp def/def wall and a bit of common sense not to let your opponent set up!
Lastly they are for the sole purpose of entertainment and a few laughs and you may pick up a set / strategy you may like.

Things to consider / Tips If you want to try this:
Flails base power Is greater the lower your hp so obviously a focus sash Is required for maximun "flailing"
Bounce Is a surprise for grass types but If you miss your screwed and better of not being a troll and going for flail.
Steel types are the main worry here so throw up every entry hazard you can possibly think of, baring screens as you want your pro fish on as little health as possible.
Any priority move wrecks this so It really will only work on a person who spams shiny ubers like this or any troll hanging around your neighbourhood sporting 72 shiny kyogres.

Music Credit: Heat Of Battle by Tom Salta

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Pinned by PIMPNITE
Original Music Is back people! Enjoy ;)
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That guy deserves to get beat by a Magicarp considering how he hacked all those shiny level 100 legendary pokemon.
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The Guy
"Too weak to use," they said. "It only knows Splash," they said. "Gyarados is much better," they said. Who's laughing now, Trainers? WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!
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If you get sweeped with a Magikarp while having a full team of legendaries, I think you just have to quit right then and there.
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Itachi hacks
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Bacon Kow
when you hack a full team of shiny legendaries thinking you're cool but then you get swept by a Magikarp
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This is why you teach your pokemon priority moves
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You can tell this guy hacked EVERY single legendary he had. They're names have spaces after them, he used PokeSav. Of course, this was before Nintendo was able to detect hacked pokemon.
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Austin Sanchez
if magikarp used dig, would it be carpal tunnel?
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thus a hacker gets traumatized.
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