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Published on Apr 12, 2012

How to Succeed -- http://www.noahhammond.com Want to know how to really succeed? Check out this advice where I share some powerful realizations that have taken my life to a whole new level.

Today, I am going to talk about how to succeed.

How to Succeed -- Don't get Comfortable

The way you are going to succeed is by staying on the leading edge of excitement. This is the PINNACLE of lifestyle design. It is the absolute PEAK of progress. It is the leading edge.

The way I visualize it in my head is with surfing. The leading edge of excitement is right where the white water is, where you are as close to the wave as you could possibly be without wiping out.

It's the challenge in surfing. If you are not a surfer, you want to be as CLOSE to the white water as possible without getting sucked in and wiping out. That's the challenge.

Now, what is that place? Why is that the leading edge of excitement? What does it look like in your life?

The leading edge of excitement is the place where you are NOT comfortable, when you are right there where the wave is about to catch up to you. You are not comfortable. It's EXCITING.

In life, that's where you are uncomfortable. You are taking on so much that you can't clearly see how it's all going to work out!

You are going after new things in ALL areas, whether it's health, wealth, relationships or spirituality. You are taking on new challenges. You are CONSTANTLY pushing your comfort zone. You are constantly EXPANDING yourself.

You are constantly on that leading edge of excitement. You are constantly reaching for that next thing you have not tried. That next thing that you desire and have never mastered before.

But you ARE going to give it a shot! That's the leading edge -- like surfing the wave PERFECTLY.

In order for you to stay on this leading edge, what you have to realize is that you need to make discomfort comfortable. You need to get used to being uncomfortable. You need to make it your HABIT to make yourself uncomfortable because when you are uncomfortable, you are PROGRESSING.

Now the other side of it, and this is where I TRULY learned the lesson from, is when you get comfortable.

Say you are right now in a comfortable place. Most likely, you used to be the leading edge of excitement. You had a goal. Then, you got to your goal and you sat.

The problem is the wave is going to catch up with you. So, what used to be the leading edge is now where you are hanging out in a comfortable space. Eventually, that wave is going to catch up and wash over you because you are either growing or you are dying. There is NO staying the same.

For me, I had to learn this in the area of finances. I got comfortable with my finances. I stopped progressing. I stopped going after that next goal and that next expansion. Eventually, the wave caught up with me. You are either growing or you are dying...

Again, this is why it's SO important to get comfortable with being consistently uncomfortable.

It's going to keep you on that leading edge. It's going to keep you moving forward in your life. It's really the way to succeed. The people who are truly successful on a high level, they are going for it. They do not wake up and sit around their success.

Did Edison stop inventing things after he invented the light bulb? Did Einstein stop theorizing after he came up with the theory of relativity?

No! Because it's a habitual practice to keep going for it.

That's your true life purpose. When you sit where it's comfortable, your soul starts to DIE. Your leading edge expansion of thought and progress is hindered and you are no longer doing the greatest good that you can in this lifetime.

I hope that has been helpful. I hope that has been an analogy that shines some clarity for you. For me, it has been a LIFE CHANGER because it really showed me how to keep moving forward.

"Where am I comfortable?" Boom! I know exactly where I need to create a new goal or set a higher standard.

So, that's what I would encourage you to do with this video advice. Find where you are comfortable and then look at that place as the exact place to start a new goal, a new standard, a new expectation and a new intention...

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Thanks and talk soon!

Noah Hammond



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