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Exotic Foods of China (insects, snails & more)

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Am 13.08.2006 veröffentlicht

Exotic foods eaten in Beijing, China including insects, invertebrates, reptiles, and animal parts normally not eaten in western culture. All pictures taken by me in June 2006 at the night "Food Market".

Keep in mind that the history of China includes many huge famines both natural and man created. In one of the worst famines (man created) over 30 MILLION people died.

China finally became self sufficient in the mid 1990's and has since become the third largest food donor in the world.

The Chinese acknowledge this long history with a rich and varied cuisine. To be sure, many Chinese have not tried, nor have any desire to try many of these dishes.

A note to some very hateful people who comment: Before you point fingers and curse an entire race of people. Answer this. Who eats the embryonic fluid of aborted fetuses? Ground animal parts stuffed in intestine? Mold? Yep. We westerners.

Open your mind. Open your heart. It's a big world out there & it's wonderful.

Oh and yeah crab and shrimp are not very exotic, but they were part of my photo set :D Needless to say, frog, snails, snakes, insects etc... are eaten in other parts of the world, but the video is made to entertain not be all encompassing, so if you have a hateful or derogatory comment, you might as well keep it to yourself. Love & Peace to everyone else out there.

- Music: Rice, Rice, Baybee by 3 Local Boyz
(which is a parody of Vanilla Ice's Rice Rice Baby, originally done and released on a Hawaiian radio station)
Mahalo, 3 Local Boyz, may your comical genius be remembered always :)

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