the last days of summer S2 episode 8 (3/3)





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Published on Jan 21, 2011

Demi: (sighed) we kissed
Selena: (gasped and smiles) oh my gosh that is great
Demi: no it is not cuz I didn't want to. He kissed me and I dunno why I kissed him back, I hate the fact that I kissed him back
Selena: why don't you wanna admit that you like him?
Demi: alright, you may be right. I do like Joe but I just can't do it
Selena: (sighs) demi you have got to move on someday
Demi: I will tell you what I have told him.... Well it isn't today
Selena: sweetie, Joe is your best chance with him you will move on, have a great boyfriend and may be (looking at Zac) that little buddy will have a daddy
Demi: (looks at Zac stroking his hair) I dunno , but it will never be the same.... this thing I felt whenever his hand was over my cheek or when he kissed me... his passion.... His hug (sighs) gosh! I can give everything to sleep for one more night in his arms
Selena: Zac won't be going anywhere he will always remain in your heart. If you missed up he will be here watching your back
Demi: (smiles a bit when selena said he would be watching her back)
Selena: c'mon dems it is our birthday... I want it to be as special to you as it is to me
Demi: (changing the subject) so future Mrs. Lautner, how do you feel?
Selena: (smiles) incredible, I wanna get married this morning, I just can't wait
Demi: (smiles)
(a minute of silence)
Selena: we are twenty two now, do you feel anything new?
Demi: (looking through the window) see that tree in the backyard? I feel as old as it is
Selena: (looking where demi is looking) you mean as lucky as it is, it has gone through lots and lots in its life, rainy and snowy days, terrible storms, droughts but look at it, it is standing still as strong as ever and so is you
Demi: (smiles)
Selena: you are seeing Joe this afternoon ok?
Demi: (hesitated) fine I will
Selena: that is my girl

(Later this afternoon)

Demi did what she has said and here is she standing right in front of the door of his house, she hesitated but eventually rang the bell

Joe: (opened the door) demi?
Demi: (smiles nervously) can we talk?
Joe: yeah sure, come in
Demi: you come out
Joe: alright (he came out and closed the door) listen I am sorry—
Demi: before you say anything. I have to apologize for yesterday
Joe: (sighs) I have always liked you Dems
Demi: (nodded) yeah I knew it and I have always liked you (trying to choke back her tears but some were falling against her will) yeah I liked you Joe and here I am standing by your door asking for your forgiveness, you are right I should move on and I wanna move on with you, Joe
Joe: (smiles slightly) you mean, you wanna be my girlfriend?
Demi: (nodded through her tears trying not to cry) yes Joe I would like to be--- your girlfriend
Joe: (smiled a bit and held her hand in his) I have always dreamed that you will be mine someday
(He moved closer to her, stroke her wet cheeks. Demi was trying not to cry but she lost control on her eyes. He leaned his face closer to her and after hesitation she did the same. There lips were so close that she could feel his breath against her lips, they were even closer when he smiled, opened his eyes and planted a kiss on her forehead making her open her eyes in surprise)
Joe: (whispered in her ears) and dreams are just for sleeping (he looked at her and sighed) you will never be mine dems
Demi: (by those words Demi's tears got heavier and she started crying)
Joe: your heart belongs to someone... he is dead but he is darn lucky
Demi: (hugged Joe and cried to his chest, her voice was cracking) thank you... thank you
Joe: (smiled) one day you will be with someone else and you will be happy trust me... but there is no rush
Demi: (she looked up at him) you heard me right, thank you Joe... you always know what to say
Joe: (wiped her tears)
Demi: that doesn't mean. We will never see each others again right? Cuz seriously Joe I need to have you around but as a best friend. I have never had a guy friend before I really need to have you around Joe
Joe: well then I am glad to be your first guy friend
Demi: (smiled slightly)
Joe: (wiped the rest of her tears) stop crying birthday girl
Demi: (laughed a bit)
Joe: any plans for your birthday?
Demi: (shook her head) nothing but I am dying for a cheese cake ice cream
Joe: yum! My favorite... let's go then
(They started walking)
Demi: by the way. Selena and Taylor are engaged
Joe: yeah I know that..... uh... Taylor called before your arrival


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