Teenage Dream:: A Mindless Behavior love story Epi 4





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Uploaded on May 22, 2011

Hi!! Its Kylie's twin sister here!! My name is Tammy and sometimes i'll be writing the stories and stuff but it won't be any different because we both write the stories she just posts it on here!! XD anyways heres episode 4
Previous- The girls are gonna go with MB to rehearse and practice before the show.
Setting:: In the dance practice room

Keisha- Come on boys!! Put some pep in yall step!

MB- *doing there dance routine to - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_uCOt... * (watch to the whole thing!)

Keisha- That's what i'm talkin about!

Nevaeh- *amazed; whispers to Victoria* Wow they are SO much better than i remember!

Victoria- I know!

- 2 more girls walk in -
(girl # 1- Alyssa (I've been reading comments!)
(girl # 2- Jasmine (aka) Jazzy or Minnie)

Meatta- *whispers* Who are those 2 skank bags?

Nevaeh- *whispers* DON'T SAY THAT!! They could be nice girls!

Victoria- I doubt it...

Nevaeh- Why would you care? You don't even like Roc...

Victoria- Yeah i do but uhm.... i just...i don't know...

Nevaeh- *rolls eyes*

Lauren- Look at them all on our mans!

- with MB and the 2 girls -

Alyssa- *hugs Princeton* Oh my gawd! Long time no see!

Princeton- *laughs* Yeah...

Minnie- *hugs Ray Ray* Yeah so how's tour goin or you guys?!

Ray Ray- Its pretty good i guess....

Meatta- *gets in front of Ray Ray* Yeah and their girlfriends came to come see them! *points at Victoria, Nevaeh and Lauren*

Minnie- Oh cool!

Meatta- *fake smile* I know! *gets all over Ray Ray*

Ray Ray- *knows she's jealous so he kisses her*

Minnie- Uhm....well i guess we better go rehearse! Come on Alyssa *grabs her as she's leaving*

Alyssa- *talking as she's getting pulled by Minnie* Bye Princeton!!!!

Princeton- *waves bye*

Nevaeh- *comes up to him* Who was that?

Princeton- They are just some girls that we met and had lunch with a few weeks ago...

Meatta- They look like whores...

Nevaeh- *drops jaw then slaps Meatta's arm* DON'T SAY THAT!

Meatta- Why? Its true...

Nevaeh- *rolls eyes then looks at Ray Ray* Excuse her rudeness.

Ray Ray- *giggles*

Keisha- Ok ok enough....your break is over!

Roc- What!? We only had a 2 minute break!

Prod- Yeah do you think that we're robots?

Keisha- *looks at him like wtf* Uhm i never said that....plus you only have an hour and a half to get dressed and all of that and it only takes you guys an hour to get dressed so we need to get to steppin...

MB- *sighs then starts dancing to the song from earlier*

Nevaeh- *feels bad for them* Aw....they look warn out....poor babies.

Meatta- Yeah my Ray Ray isn't dancing like he usually does.

Lauren- And my prodigy isn't doing his hip thing!

Victoria- And my Roc-- uhm never mind.

Nevaeh- I'm gonna tell Roc that you like him..

Victoria- DON'T!

Nevaeh- I wasn't but now your tempting me...

Victoria- PLEASE DON'T!

Meatta- *giggles* You should, Nevaeh!

Nevaeh- I will!

Victoria- *flies back in her seat then crosses her arms*

N+L+M- *laughing*


1) When i write, is it different from Kylee's?
2) Do you like it?



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