Never Gonna Be Alone Chapt. 3





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Published on Jan 23, 2011

Chapter 3

Blaise's pov

Dead battery in the middle of winter. For once I thought my luck was changing. Real great.

The tow truck wont be here for about two hours because of fan traffic. Stupid Jonas popularity. I look over at Jake, he's shivering from the lack of heat. I put my jacket around him and hug him tight. He burries his face in my chest.

Jake: M-M-Mom. I'm c-cold.
- I know baby boy. I know.

I hold him tight. I don't know what to do. All I can think about is keeping Jake warm. My phone starts vibrating. I pick it up with out looking.

- Hello?
Joe: Hey, how's traffic?
- Not bad for us. My battery's dead.
Joe: Are you in the parking lot?
- No Joe, Antartica. Yes the parking lot.
Joe: I'm coming to you two. You can sit in my car while you wait for the tow.
- Joe you don't have to do that.
Joe: I want to.

I look down at my son, who's still shaking in my arms. I sigh.

- Alright.

We hang up and a few minutes later he pulls up beside us. We get out, Jake still half asleep and get in his car. I get in the back with Jake, Joe was there with Nick and Kevin.

- Joesph!
Joe: Yes?
- You didn't say it'd be holding you up!
Kevin: You're not, you're like family to us Blaise. We'll gladly help you.

I sigh, and look away.

- Fine.
Joe: So stubborn.
- Thank you.

Jake had his head on my shoulder, eyes closed. I rub his back and let him lay his head on my lap.

Joe: Tired kid?
Jake: Mmhh.
Joe: I'll take that as a yes.

I look at the clock, 1:16 A.M.. Ugh, and Jake has school tomorrow. I knew I should have trusted my gut and said no about coming tonight.

Another hour passes until finally the tow truck pulls up. I carefully get out so not to wake Jake and talk to him. He hooks the car up and pulls away. I get back in the car.

Joe: So what'd they say?
- It'll take three days, but now me and Jake need a ride home.
Joe: Adress?
- Joe no-
Joe: Adress.

I sigh and tell him the adress. He tells the driver and we start heading home. I take Jake back in my arms and let him fall asleep. Atleast the traffic's not as bad now.

3:40 A.M. I am going to kill Joe and Jake. Jake shouldn't be out this late, espeacially on a school night. We pull up infront of the house.

Joe: So I'm sorry about your car.
- It's fine. I'll talk to you later.
Joe: Soon I hope.

I nod and wake Jake. I guid him into the house and see the car pull away as I open the door. I guid Jake up to his room, only for him to collapse on his bed the second he's in there. I chuckle and grab some pajama's out for him. I have him go change, as soon as he comes back in the room, the bed was the direct target. I tuck him in and kiss his forehead.

- Goodnight baby boy. I love.
Jake: Love you.

I kiss his head and walk out.


The next morning Jake insisted on going to school, even though I know he's incredibly tired. So I'm sitting at home going over some papers from my office. I get text and open my phone. A text from Logan?

Logan: Blaise, Jake's asleep in history, can I throw a book at his head?

I giggle and text him back.

- No.
Logan: Ball of paper?
- ... Make it light. And stop texting in school young man.
Logan: Yes ma'am.

I can hear his eyes roll all the way from here. Logan's been Jake's best friend since they were five and because they've known each other so long he's like my second son.

I was about to call my office about a file, when the doorbell rings. I get up and open the door to see Joe standing there.

- Wow, this isn't stalkerish.
Joe: *chuckles* Relax, I'm just returning something.

He holds up my jacket. It must have fallen off Jake in the car last night. I grab it.

- Thank you.
Joe: So are you going to invite me in?
- Hmmm, I'll have to think about that.

We laugh and I open the door for him to come in. He steps in and looks around.

Joe: Wow. Blaise it's amazing.
- Well it's no mansion like yours, but it's home.
Joe: Like mine? Now who's stalking who?

I giggle and walk into the livingroom, clearing my papers off the coffee table.

Joe: So is your husband home?
- Not married.
Joe: Oh, sorry. I just assumed because of Jak-
- Father not in picture, don't ask.
Joe: Ok. But, to do this all on your own. You've done amazing.
- Thank you.
Joe: And Jake seems like a really great kid.
- He is. He's the best.
Joe: So you two are really close?
- Yeah. It's just been the two of us for a long time, so we're really close.
Joe: That's great.
- So what about you Mr. Rockstar.
Joe: Single as ever.
- So between girls again?
Joe: Shut up.

I giggle and sit back on the couch. Joe sits on the recliner. It's so great talking to him like this. It's like we're picking up where we left off. Still best friends.

Joe: I've really missed you over the years.
- I've missed you too.
Joe: Listen, I'm gonna be in town for a while and I'd really like to catch up with you. Would you want to go out to dinner with me tomorrow?

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