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Streamed live on Mar 11, 2014

Flower's second nest of the season. Stay tuned for baby hummingbirds!
There will be a video loop playing during the dark hours from 7pm-7am PST
Hummingbird Cam 2 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig2Rr...
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Special thanks to Hummingbirds Up Close

This Live Cam is located in Victoria, British Columbia, a province of Canada.

Q: What is a hummingbird?
A: Hummingbirds are the smallest birds on earth. For example, the bee hummingbird of Cuba can be less than 2 grams. That's the weight of 2 - $1 dollar bills or two raisins. Hummingbirds are also famous for having the tiniest egg. The ruby-throated hummingbird has a clutch of eggs that are about the size of peas.

Q: Fun facts about a hummingbird?
A: Hummingbirds are the only vertebrates that are able to hover or stay in one place during flight. They can also fly at 30 mph or dive during mating season at 45 mph. They can beat their wings 225 times a minute when the bird is at rest to more than 1,200 times per minute when flying.

Q: What is the hummingbird's names and age?
A: This is Flower. She is an Anna's Hummingbird, which is native to the West Cost of North America. Female "Anna's" have a green crown. Adult males have an iridescent red crown. She built a nest in this California Lilac about five feet off the ground. Her chicks do not have names as of yet.

Q: Will we ever see the male hummingbird on-camera?
A: Most hummingbirds are unsociable meaning they often do not form bonds. When you see two hummingbirds together likely they are chasing one another -- defending a territory with a nectar full flower patch. Male and females do not mate for life. After mating, the female is left to her devices to care for her chicks.

Q: How many eggs will a female hummingbird lay?
A: Hummingbirds typically lay two eggs per clutch. The eggs will be laid days apart. They can have two to four broods per summer. When the chicks are about 18 -- 22 days old they will take flight and leave the nest.

Q. How long do hummingbirds live?
A: Females tend to outlive males at 7 years to their 5 years, respectively.

Q: Does the same hummingbird come back to the same nest every year?
A: Flower uses different nests per brood.

Q: How big is this hummingbird nest?
A: Imagine a nest the size of a walnut made up of spider webs and plant material. Amazing.

A: For everything hummingbirds from blogs, photos and videos go to: http://www.hummingbirdsupclose.com/

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