Assassin's Creed: The Future (live action trailer)





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Published on Nov 13, 2011

It is 2012 and Abstergo has recruited most of the remaining assassins as agents under their will. Our protagonist is one of the final remaining assassins and must now escape from his betraying brothers.

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Wow those are the worst assassins I have ever seen. (And the worst sniper)
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white assassin's suppose to be good guys.
Maximus Meredith
+SpaceUndies worst ever
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The   Golden sword
1st rule of assassins creed...u have to know how to parkour
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Sean Lee
Unknown ? True, but not everyone is as stupid as you, main rules of assassination, you must kill without spreading too much terror, stay hidden without suspicion, be swift and strong, strong mind, weapon use.
Unknown ?
Not everyone is FUCKING super human
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i want straws
so many people are saying that this is shit, when they can't even make a fucking minecraft video.
Phin O'Keefe
there are too many assassins
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Phin O'Keefe
Sean Lee
Edward James Kenway But The doctor stands a meaning. There are too much assassins, they are likely to be bounty hunters in a team.
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Commander Shepard
Wait, why are the bad guys wearing the hoods instead of the Assassin? O.o
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Tyler Wear
He can't just get a pair with Templar symbols from nowhere
Tyler Wear
Yeah, I just meant when TheLastPrime asked why Haytham has the assassin symbols on his blades, its because only the assassins have them.
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Muhammad Mujeeb
This redefines the word DISGRACE. The maker of this video along with all the so called actors should be summarily executed publicly as to be made an example for the like minded morons.
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Jay TheNeko
Muhammad Mujeeb I'd say it needs improvement.
MR Kaaz
Muhammad Mujeeb v
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Godly xLucky
" nothing is true, but everything is permitted" 
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its actually: "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted." just take the "but" out XD
+Game Conspiracy  Nice lol. I like your version better.
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Prof. Toast
Did they know that the hood is wear by assassins and not templars?
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Ricefields 24/7
+Zinga Gaming Shay left the Brotherhood and began rethinking his philosophy
+Nocturne-Pictures Kinda like Arno, only that Arno wasn't being grown to be a templar like Elise. But yes, thank you for correcting me, he was never an assassin first but the son of one and became a sleeper agent for the Templars inside the Assassin Brotherhood
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Toxic Bleach
2:23 That is a selfie stick 0:00 The beginning of cancer
Jakub Wojciechowski
I don't know, what is more confused. Six assasins works for Absterno, or Six assasins unable to kill one unarmed guy.
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the six guys are the the templer
Ceasar Escobal
WELL THAT SUCKS! they can't kill the unarmed guy but they've been killed an unarmed guy.
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