To[get][her] A Princeton & RayRay love story RATED R chapter 1





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Published on Jan 28, 2012

A Princeton & Ray Ray love story.
1st story guys, so leave comments .Should We (me & my best friend) continue this ?

Kassandra Bio : Yo| The names Kassandra| I sing , I act , I model and I don't give a damn|My favorite color is grey| and My sister is Overdramatic
P.s Fuck the Bullshit.
That is all...

Briella Bio: Briella's the name :] 15's the age, and Purple is the color of choice ♥ my many passions include drawing, dancing (proud B-girl) ,and make-up and my sister is the laziest person I know.

[The morning of the first day of winter break]
Briella: Lets goo ! *briella shakes kassandra by the shoulders*
Kassandra: *one eye closed * What the hell *looks at the clock-*, its only 1 in the afternoon.
Briella: yes but it's the first day of winter break !
Kassandra: nooo , it's 1o'clock on the first day of winter break.
Briella: whatever, GET UP. We gotta go do something, you can't just lay in bed all day
Kassi: Watch me * kassi rolls over to her side *
Bri: NOOO, Seriously we gotta- (GTO)
Kassi: fuck the bullshit im going back to sleep. * puts her pillow over her head *
Bri: you better be up by time i get out of the shower
Kassi: Don't be too disappointed.
Bri: ughh * goes to the shower *

[10 Minutes later]

Bri: What the fuck kassi ! your still in bed?
Kassi: yes ma'am.
Bri: -___- , I quit
Kassi: *hops out of bed fully dressed* on me? * smirks *
Bri: *smiles* I hate you .
Kassi: I'll take that as a sign of your undying affection , now do my make up :]

[5 minutes later & fully dressed]

(Kassi's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=42... )
( Bri's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/briella/set?i... )
{In the car}

Bri: *looks at kassi* you know this is very illegal.
Kassi: it's only illegal if you get caughhhhhht -cranks the car- [3 minutes down the road.]

Kassi: do you even know where we are going?
Bri: *texting* nope , not a clue *looks up* lucky strikes?
Kassi: Better than nothing.
Bri: well your headed in the wrong direction.
Kassi: NO I AM NOT , I know where im going so shut up.
Bri: well I don't know where your going cause your NOT going to lucky strikes. *rolls her eyes*
Kassi: I think I know my way around California
Bri: *mumbles* oh really now. [3 hours later.]

Bri: 3 hours later & running low on gas, but hey don't worry KASSI knows how to get to lucky strikes, "walking gps" my a-s-s . *yells out of the window* DON'T WORRY EVERYBODY MY SISTER KNOWS WHAT SHES DOING-
Kassi: *pulls bri in the car* shut the fuck up. Are you tryna get me killed , better yet CAUGHT! I wanted to stay home and enjoy my day but noooooo. *pulls over at a gas station* go get me some chips

*bri goes in to the stop, grabs a bags of chips from the bottom shelf when she backs into someone*

????: hey hey hey , at least buy me dinner first *laughs*
Bri: * gets up * sorry , you okay?should we exchange insurance information or something?
* laughs *
????: yeah, i'm fine , and what ?
Bri: * shakes her head * never mind it was stupid * walks to register pays for chips and leaves, until she hears a voice call out *
????: HEY! I get it, insurance information * laughs * funny. * walks over * so, I didn't get your name.
Bri: Briella , and you are?
????: huh?
Bri: your name, what is it?
????: oh , umm my name is Princeton, maybe you might have heard of me?
Bri: no, do you go to my school?
Princeton: no * laughs * i'm in a group called "Mindless Behavior"
Bri: * blank stare *
Princeton: ya know * kinda sings * "My Girl, My girl, She Loves Me"
Bri: OOHHHH.! Your one of those kids on the radio!
Princeton: yeah, thats me so , about that insurance information , would that include your phone number?
Bri: Only if you want it to.
Princeton: That would be great * hands her his phone *
Bri: * puts her number in * okay well, bye Princeton. * turns around *
Princeton: wait, don't you want my phone number?
Bri: * turns back around * yeah, but famous people like you probably shouldn't give it out in public, i'll get it when you text me * turns, walks away ,and gets in the car *
Princeton: * mumbles * yeah, you will.* walks back on the bus *


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