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Uploaded on Nov 12, 2011

Speed Highway
Main Stage

The representative for Sonic Adventure 1 is Speed Highway. It isn't the first 3-D Sonic game, but it is the first major release to be in the full third dimension. Thus, this game marks the premiere of Modern Sonic in the series and Speed Highway the beginning of Modern Sonic's realm in this game.

Sonic Adventure is also the first time a Sonic game gets a complex, detailed story. There is a disturbance at Angel Island--the Master Emerald has been shattered, and Knuckles is none too happy about that, being its guardian and all. From the Master Emerald comes out Chaos, a watery being that seems to attack anything that holds a Chaos Emerald. Eggman catches wind of this and hatches his most elaborate plan yet to get the Chaos Emeralds and harness Chaos's power. As the game goes on, Chaos gets hold of more and more Chaos Emeralds until he becomes Perfect Chaos. More on that in the Perfect Chaos boss battle's description.

Like in Sonic's part of the story in Sonic Adventure, Speed Highway is around the halfway point, so the heat's been turned up but it's not yet at full blast. (In Sonic Adventure, it was a little bit after halfway, whereas here, it's before halfway.) True to its name, this rendition of Speed Highway is devoted to one thing: Insane eye-popping speed. There are long stretches of road here that twist and turn and generally make absolutely no sense as they'd steer traffic onto the sides and tops of buildings. Sonic clearly doesn't mind though! This blistering speed is also sometimes what keeps the stage easy, as there can't be that many obstacles, and sometimes hard, as when obstacles do come during speed segments, they come fast.

You'll notice a shortcut right away at the start: Sonic can grab onto the helicopter's skids to skip much of the running around in circles at the start. Well actually, keeping with the speed theme of the place, there are a lot of shortcuts here. It's lighter on the alternate paths motif that most of the other main stages in this game has, though that's probably because it has the run down the side of the building about halfway through.

In the parking lot right after the chase down the building (those cops are suicidal!), there is a wooden wall to the right. Sonic can break down this wall to cut across the rest of the turns in the parking lot, which leads to another buildingside, this time going across. There are two sets of springs here: The lower set (Sonic's left) will bring him back onto the regular path as seen here. The upper set (Sonic's right) will bring him to a totally different path that doesn't converge until the end. This one is harder to get onto as there are spiked mines right before the springs, so you need a very precisely timed Quick Step.

By the way, take a look at the sky after Sonic emerges from the parking structure: It's now sunrise. This is a reference to the last part of the original Speed Highway, a slower, more nonlinear part of the stage where it's now daylight. The song for the original stage during then is, appropriately, called "At Dawn" (which was not remixed for this game).

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