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Uploaded on Aug 7, 2011

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted on this channel in three weeks! But I didn't have anything to write about. Well, I came up with an idea today and I wrote it up for you guys to enjoy. Soooo...enjoy!! This is one is just supposed to be a sweet story, about the bond of a best friend..Comments?

It was a sunny, warm August afternoon in the New York suburbs. It was one of those perfect afternoons that Ashleigh enjoyed. It wasn't too hot, or too cool. The sun was visible in the sky, but there were still clouds making themselves known in the great blue abyss. Ashleigh took full advantage of these days, and would often spend them laying in the meadow behind the trees in her backyard. She loved the way the grass felt as it tickled her skin. She loved the way the rays of sun felt as they danced across her face.

Often, when the opportunity arose to visit her favorite place, she would go alone. She would lay in the sun for hours, eating fruit or reading a good book. Jane Austen was her favorite. She would spend time appreciating the beauty that god placed on this earth. In the safety of her meadow, she could escape from reality for a couple hours, and just enjoy being alone.

But today was different. Today she wasn't alone.

"Where are we going!?" Toni huffed as he tried to keep up with Ashleigh. They ran through the large expanse of trees in front of them, Ashleigh keeping a tight grip on Toni's hand. "Ashleigh, I can't run this fast, you know I have asthma!"

Ashleigh giggled at her best friend. "We're almost there, Toni, quit complaining!"

"Where is there?! Tell me where we're going or I'll--"

"We're here!" Ashleigh exclaimed as she pulled Toni through the last bunch of trees. "Behold, my meadow!"

Toni's eyes widened as he stared out across the expanse of grass. The meadow looked particularly beautiful today. The daisies and daffodils were in bloom, and danced in the slight breeze. The sun cast it's light against the dew on the grasses, creating a marvelous rainbow effect. The clouds looked fluffy and full in the sky.

"What is this place?" Toni wondered aloud, as he took a step forward, further into the meadow.

"This is my meadow," Ashleigh smiled proudly.

"How did you find it? It's beautiful!"

"I just love to explore, and I came across it on one of my adventures. I come here often, to be alone. Nobody else knows about it."

"So then, why did you bring me here?" Toni asked. "I mean, this is your secret. You didn't have to show me."

"I wanted to show you Silly Goose."

"But why?"

"Because, you're my best friend. And a secret is no fun if you have nobody to share it with...Plus, I think you need a secret place just as much as I do."

"Thanks Ashleigh," Toni said with a smile. "So, what do we do here?"

Ashleigh grabbed onto Toni's hand once again and dragged him toward the center of the meadow. She lay in the grass, looking up at the sky. Then she beckoned for him to join her, and he did.

"Look up at the sky," Ashleigh instructed. "What do you see?"

"I see...clouds?"

"No, no, no...You're doing it wrong. Look closer!"

Toni squinted against the sun and stared harder into the clouds. After several seconds he looked back at Ashleigh. "All I see are clouds."

"Wow, you're unimaginative. I'll go first." Ashleigh looked up at the sky, and smiled as the clouds began to take shape. She saw shapes, animals, objects and anything else a person could see. She giggled as the clouds began to tell a story. Then she turned toward Toni and relayed the story to him. "I see a princess. She's trapped in a tower that's 20 feet up, and there's no way for her to get down. She's scared beyond belief."

Toni smiled at his best friend as he finally caught on. Then he pointed up into the sky at a different cloud. "But don't worry, because her prince has just arrived on his valiant steed. He's come to rescue the princess!"

"Oh no!" Ashleigh cried. "A fire breathing dragon has come to protect the castle! Whatever will the prince do!?"

"Never fear! The prince has drawn his sword and has slain the dragon! He scales the castle effortlessly and has rescued the princess."


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