Pushers for Luvr.org by Keith W Henline





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Published on Oct 30, 2013

Pushers for Luvr.org by Keith W Henline
Philosophy for the next 1,000 years
❦Luvr is a: Autodidact, Logician, Philosopher, Mind specialist, Computer Systems Programmer, Hypnotist, Photographer, Musician, Videographer, Cinematographer, Writer, Director and Producer

Quotes by Luvr

"Think all ways"
"Dark exceeds light"
"Yoga dissolves pain"
"Joy is the hearts key"
"Copyright is so wrong"
"My mind is my mistress"
"Learn to share or perish"
"Growing is the revolution"
"Human, Gods only mistake"
"Humans need another goal"
"Sex, a game we lose to win"
"God creates, man uncovers"
"History is what you believe"
"Born a genius, raised a dolt"
"Copying is the only security"
"Education is what you think"
"Think at the speed of black"
"Freedom is the law of nature"
"Bad diet equals bad behavior"
"Good is when the heart smiles"
"Kindness is the best Currency"
"If you do not choose, you lose"
"The greatest thief is the past"
"Knowledge is true and constant"
"Attraction is the best teacher"
"Sharing is the cost of freedom"
"Insanity is hurting for pleasure"
"Our only adversary is ignorance"
"Money is paper, Wisdom is Gold"
"Man’s law is not just, it is just law"
"Your mind is your only true friend"
"Corporations are Organized Crime"
"Justice lives in the halls of nature"
"Acceptance is the key to possibility"
"Nobody fights with their mouth full"
"Let the problem choose the solution"
"Courtroom, a swap meet for the rich"
"If any of ye lack wisdom, ask Google"
"Religion sells what God freely offers"
"Anyway you find God is the right way"
"Copying is a birthright, not a copyright"
"Singing is the soul talking to other souls"
"Politicians make the rest of us look good"
"Simple problems solve complex problems"
"Quantum mechanics is probably accurate"
"Slaves are the same, only masters differ"
"The world is perfect, we are the problem"
"Imagination and stupidity race to infinity"
"Answers appear when the problem is clear"
"Appreciate bad habits, then take a detour"
"Love opens all doors, the key is acceptance"
"Healthy people play, unhealthy people fight"
"Look close and you will see love everywhere"
"We look for life on Mars and destroy it here"
"Men write on tablets, God writes on our heart"
"Man must do the right thing even if it is wrong"
"The universe is the same size as your imagination"
"We are so blessed, look within instead of without"
"Accepting gifts helps two, rejecting gifts hurts two"
"God does not give us more than we can handle, we do"
"It matters not which path but what we leave to follow"
"If the solution is not clear move closer or further away"
"Light comes from resistance, not by going with the flow"
"We are all going to die tomorrow, keep that in mind today"
"People who talk a lot do not say more, they just say it more"
"No matter what you think, say or do, someone will not like it"
"To live with others you either make the rules or follow them"
"The brain sleeps while we are awake and awakens while we sleep"
"The only thing I know for certain is there is nothing for certain"
"Nothing exists outside the mind for it is the mind that makes it so"
"The mind is a stream of images that we act upon as if they were true"
"If you are not the most important person in the world, then you are crazy"
"Man is a slave to the conscious mind, freedom only exists in the subconscious"
"If a hundred bad things are coming, ninety nine will vanish and you can handle one"
"There is so much we do not know and infinitely more that we do not know we do not know"
"The Law of Supply and Demand, you control it and no government, politician, corporation or military can break it. This law is the only viable solution to all of the world's problems and it is totally up to you! If you don't buy it, they don't make it. It's not them, it's you! If you want more pollution, crime, poverty and injustice, keep buying what they are selling. If you want change, simply change your buying habits. It is that simple!"

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