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Published on Jan 27, 2007

Update 9.feb

In the video with Timbaland's response to Acidjazz Ripoff controversy Nepbaland says: "Yes, I delete racist comments, repetitive comments aka spam, idiotic comments, nonsense comments, etc..."

He lies. He deletes practically all contradictory comments. No matter how polite or logical they are. He even leaves the blatant lies and misconceptions (he would call it nonsense comments). He is a liar and deserves no respect at all. Someone called "DieStimmeAusDemOff" has posted an alternative link of the same video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTvY3w... Your comments won't be censored there.

Update 8.feb 2007: Someone called Nepbaland has posted a video-response to this video, featuring an interview with Timbaland. Following quote is from the interview:

It's from a video game idiot! [laughter] A freaking jerk! (Timbaland)

When I posted my comment to the video posted by Nepbaland, it was removed. The comment said that Timbaland is clueless and that it was never used in videogame and that's just actual composition by Glenn Rune Gallefoss (you can read the rest of the info later in this text). Actually as it seems, Timbaland was trying to be insulting, not pretending to be clueless.

I provide a link to the transcription of the stuff that Timbaland says in the interview. Most of this is showing the discrescpect and arrogance towards the original composer (2000) and later arranger (2002) of the original tune which Timbaland had falsely claimed as his.


Very sad indeed.


C64 demo released on 20. January 2007 by Chronic, featuring a music called AcidJazz.sid arranged by Glenn Rune Gallefoss (2002). The tune got sampled and used in Nelly Furtado's song "Do It" without permission.

Original author of the music is Tempest (Janne Suni) who released the Acidjazzed Evening in 2000 at Assembly 2000 demoscene party in Finland. Glenn Rune Gallefoss made a cover of the tune in 2002 with permission of the original author.

In 2005 GRG's version got first used in a mobile ringtone called BlockParty (produced by Timbaland) and later (2006) it was used in "Do it", Credits to "Do it" goes like this: Written by Nelly Furtado, Tim Mosely (Timbo) and Danja (Nate Hills). Produced by Timbaland and Danja. However the Acidjazz.sid music (which you are hearing in the video) was used without permission.

You can download the demo here:

Scrolltext goes like this: fo shizzel my nizzel! dis beda hip hop megastar timbaland bustin a cap in yo 8-bit asses!! i am tha rasta.man!! ("RASTER" COLOR EFFECT APPEARS) sum bee-atches been dissin your bro timbaland, sayin i is jackin my bustin choons from da c64 an amiga scenez but fo shigs they be jawsin! idizzay thizzay bout otha people n shit. if i dizzid, id wanna compete but realniggaz dont give a fuck. but i d-to-tha-izzont thiznink like that, coz im above everybody. my music is on a whole notha level. im up here, n everyone else is over there... or something. shouldi say bee-atch again maybe? shizzoutss to da c64 massive! crypt... fcug... falcon soft... geffen... hema!... iceout... krynn ltd... nelly f... mummyjammers... people of liberty...role... studio x64... swappers with attitude... the new dimension... troep... walker group... ultimate... urine... n ta everyone else we knizzay!! tha fine code was written by nadira, blingin graphics by nadira too n tha bangin music by grg or was it timbaland? all our bloodz out there dizzy forget ta visit tha website at chronic.computers.cz n its peace out yo fo this demo frizzay tha chronic posse - nadira an timbaland iz hatin out... peace!

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