Chemistry Music Video 12: What The Heck Is Light





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Uploaded on Aug 29, 2009

This song explains how light is formed, what the different types of electromagnetic radiation are and the significance of bright-line spectra. Lightning filmed June of 2007. Music and lyrics copyright 2007 by Mark Rosengarten. All rights reserved.


Light, LIGHT! It scares away the fright
Soothing incandescence in the middle of the night
No more bed at sunset, much to our delight
You know we all adore it, but what the heck is LIGHT?

Look at the electrons, all happy in their shells
Zipping right along, their life is pretty swell
Each one has their own amount of certain energy
And they will stay forever, if you let them be

But if you kick an atom squarely in the pants
The electrons get excited and will do their special dance
Some absorb the energy and move to higher shells
And leave behind blank places in the spots that once they dwelled

What goes up, must then come down is not a silly beast
When electrons fall back down, extra energy released
Whatever made them to proceed in their upwards flight
When they give off energy, its in the form of LIGHT!

The farther that they fall, the more power has the light
The shorter is the wavelength (the waves will be packed tight)
The higher is the frequency of wavelengths that will pass
Light is made of photons, which have no charge or mass!

Light, LIGHT! It wows us with its might
Phosphorescent stars in the middle of the night
Ceiling constellations, much to our delight
You know we all adore it, but what the heck is LIGHT?

Light comes in many flavors, depends on energy
Only a slight range of light is light that we can see
From red to blue to violet, mnemonic we can give
Is easy to remember, it is ROY G BIV!

Light with lower energy starts with radio
Listen to your music anywhere you go
Radar has more energy, cops use it on their beat
Then comes infrared, which is given off with heat

Ultraviolet rays can cause sunburns at the lake
X-rays go through all but bone to see if theres a break
Finally, theres gamma rays, but they have so much juice
They go through almost everything if you set them loose.

Elemental atoms give off bands of colored light
Its called a bright-line spectrum because the lines are bright
Each elemental spectrum is different from the rest
Identifies what element you have in a test

Light, LIGHT! It wows us with its might
Aurora borealis in the middle of the night
Glowing in the northern sky, much to our delight
Now you know the truth about that wondrous thing called LIGHT!


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