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Published on Nov 29, 2010

Yeah i know,another story.But this one is really different like there are no Disney kids in it at all.We got some Harry Potter kids and one or two Glee kids but no disney kids!2+comments for the next one.
The alarm clock blasted through Emma's ear drums. Her eye lids sprung up revealing her chocolate brown eyes. She jumped out of her bed and slipped her fluffy slippers on. She clicked on her radio and let the sweet sound of Secondhand Serenade's Stranger flow though the room. Emma hummed along to the song as she got ready for school. She put on dark blue denim jeans and a light blue off the shoulder top and white flats that tied the whole outfit together along with her straight locks and natural make-up. She ran down the stares to her parents."Morning mom. Morning dad."she kissed both their cheeks as she grabbed an apple and her mug filled with coffee."Have a nice day at school."Mrs.Watson called out to her daughter. She smiled at Mr.Watson."I can't believe she's 17."She said as she poured herself some more coffee."Time sure does fly."Mr.Watson added.

Emma jumped into her car and started it. The brisk fall air made her get a chill."I should have brought a jacket."she muttered to herself as she drove down the block. While at a red light she sipped her coffee trying to get a little warm on the inside."Way to go Emma,you're going to be freezing all day."yet again she talked to herself,she started to go forward when the light turned green. She pulled into the schools parking lot and parked her car. She stepped out on to the side walk and grabbed her bag in the back. She smiled when she saw her friend Tom."Hello."Tom smiled at his friend. She was beautiful,gorgeous in fact but he would never tell her that. She'd always look at him as a friend. It hurt,it cut him deep knowing that him and Emma would never be more that friends."Hello,Tom."Emma smiled cheekily at him,the sun hitting her face perfectly."Emma!"Both Tom and Emma turned,they saw their class mate Amanda running toward them."Emma,would you happen to know Mr.Davids homework from the other night?"Amanda asked rocking back and forth."Um,yes-it was page 248 numbers 1 to 10."Emma bite her lip and smiled at the same time."Thank you so much Emma."Amanda smile widely."Bye Emma."
"Goodbye Tom."she smiled more sweetly while saying goodbye to Tom. Emma watched Amanda walk away."Well,it looks like Mr.Felton has a future stalker on his hands."Emma giggled.

That giggle Tom thought. Tom laughed sarcastically."Why the sarcastic laugh?"Emma asked,she walking along side Tom."Because,I just. I mean. She's cute,she really is but she not my type."
"So a cute,blond with bright blue eyes and soft clear skin isn't your type. Well Mr.Felton it seems like I've thought wrong of you these past few years."she laughed.

Emma turned thinking that she'd heard her name be called. Instead she hit right into what felt likes-brick wall."I'm so sorry."Emma said."No,no I'm sorry."The brick wall responded. Emma saw a hand appear in front of her face.She put her hand in his and he helped her up."Thank you."Emma brushed herself off."Oh,you dropped some papers." Both her and the mystery guy bent down at the same down and bumped heads."Ow."they both whined at the same time. Emma rubbed her forehead."I got it."The guy said."Okay."Emma continued to rub her forehead. Emma looked behind her and picked up a paper that had floated there."I believe this is yours."Emma smiled as she handed the paper to him."Thank you."He smiled at Emma."Emma come on."Tom said from behind her."I'm Rupert Grint."The red head put his hand out for Emma to shake. Smiling Emma shook his hand."I'm Emma Watson."
"Well,it was nice meeting you Emma."Rupert smiled back."Emma come lets go."Tom came closer to his friend and tugged on her arm."It was nice bumping into you...literally."Emma put a piece of her hair behind her ear before walking off with Tom. Tom looked behind and met with Rupert's eyes,productively Tom put his arm around Emma then turned his head forward. Rupert took a deep breath and put all his papers back in his briefcase. It was going to be a hard first day. He ran his hands through his red locks as he bit his lip.

"Who was that guy?"Tom asked when him and Emma stepped into their first period class."His name is Rupert."She smiled and found herself in a day dream.


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