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Published on Aug 29, 2010

The Comic Book Syndicate interviews Darwyn Cooke!
"... stop catering to the perverted needs of 45 year old men..."


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Comments • 281

I don't blame him. I'm sick of the unlikable, messed-up jerk equals "realistic" and "mature" in superhero writing.
+YaoiHuntressEarth You couldn't have said it better. Pretty tired of all the over the top stuff like leatherface Joker in a regular Superhero comic.
+YaoiHuntressEarth Thank you.
He was right in the money. Good bye Darwyn we will miss you. And you were right because my favorite books are Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck
He's got balls...He says how he sees it...No need to take comicbook icons and start dumping on them to make a buck. I Wish him a speed recovery.
+jay55also The worst part about that is that the writers are making their bucks by dumping on other creators' genius. If they created and used their own characters stuff like IDENTITY CRISIS would have had no impact.
I totally agree with him. Just look at my screen name, I know exactly what he's talking about.
People hear what they wanna hear, I guess. Half of that nonsense was Frank Miller's garbage ASSBATS (All-Star Batman), one mention was Identity Crisis. I'm okay with that. But in general Cooke apparently wants even things like Rucka's Batwoman stripped from DC comics. Apparently being a lesbian is "catering to the desires of 45 year old men".
Sounds like if Cooke had his way, all mainstream superhero comics would be boring, generic G-Rated romps for 12 year old kids. No thanks. There is a place for a sophisticated, adult Batman title that deals with more challenging, mature themes as well as a G Rated title that deals with safe, non-challenging themes. Batman Year One is a perfect example of a dark noir Batman tale with adult themes like infidelity and prostitution i.e. Selina Kyle's profession. And it deserves its accolades.
It's one thing to create a character like Wolverine who is bloody handed from the getgo, another to take Wonder Woman from being an ambassador of peace with lasso and bracelets to a bloody swordswoman whom her creator wouldn't recognize.. I love Xena Warrior Princess but she was created that way. The Marvel movies have made a lot of character changes, but kept the spirit of the originals. Yet DC keeps downgrading their heroes with dark stuff that fanboys think is mature. And still selling kids' clothing and toys to parents who would be aghast if they read the comics.
+moonled Making Alan Scott gay was a cheap ploy designed to give DC sales boosts. They announced that "a long time DC hero is revealed as gay" because most people didn't realize that he wasn't the mainstream GL, but a rebooted 40s version.
so this was 2010?  I guess the whole industry changed then seeing as he came back for a big epic series called Before Watchmen that seemed catered to the people who originally read the first series, who, by now, are probably 45 year old men?  I'd love the see an interview with him now to see him comment on this little clip.
+ComicBookSyndicate Batman has never been about revenge. He's about making sure that what happened to his parents never happens to anyone else.
Unless the Before Watchmen featured Batman (or another all-ages character), and the character swore, fed a boy rats, or suddenly became gay after being straight for 50 years--what does it matter? Cooke isn't talking about "comics", he's talking about superheroes. He has done and will continue to do adult comics all he wants. Watchmen was a superhero deconstructionist comic...for adults. Batman is an escapist revenge fantasy for all ages. 
why isn't Dc listening to this man?!
Even Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo's run on Brave & The Bold was a perfect example of straightforward superheroes done right. If more comics were like Mark Waid's Daredevil, Matt Fraction's Hawkeye, or even Brian Azzarello's Wonder Woman, we'd be in much better shape. PS: I still do enjoy all the examples you mentioned, but I don't think all them are the best way for comics to 'move forward'.
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