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Published on Oct 17, 2010

http://www.wowcataclysm-wiki.com/dung... — Blackwing Descent 10-man regular-mode Omnitron Defense System.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GHBMA...
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfT1W-...

This is a fun encounter consisting of 4 golem bosses with a shared HP pool of 32M. You can stack them for extra damage from incidental AOEs, tank cleave, etc. The bosses do not do any cleaves, stacking buffs, or crazy AOEs that punish the tanks for this strategy. When the fight starts, only one golem is active. It has 100 stored energy, which starts draining as soon as you pull. Once the energy hits 50, another golem will "wake up" and join the fight. Once the first golem reaches 0, it shuts down, and a new one spawns. This continues in a cycle until you kill the boss.

Tanks: A "stream" from the back wall to the next golem will show you which one is spawning next. Get ready to pick that one up once your golem reaches about 3 or 4 energy. You will know what golem to expect based on the color of the stream. Don't stand in poison clouds, and don't let the boss stand in whirlpools.

Healers: When you see "Aquiring Target" go off, Magmatron's target is about to take a lot of damage. A helpful red beam points to whoever is being targeted. The tanks are eligible targets as well. Get ready with preventive healing/shielding. If you are running low on mana, stand in a whirlpool for some nice regen.

DPS: Stand in the whirlpools for a buff. Don't stand in the poison clouds. Kill any slimes that spawn (they spawn 3 at a time and you get a raid warning). If a slime is targeting you, kite it (especially if you are melee). Try to slow it, though I'm not 100% sure if that works. When a boss casts their "shield" ability (look for keywords Barrier, Shield, Shell, or Absorption) switch targets immediately, or bad things happen. Special note for melee: Your tank might get hit with the "Lightning Conductor" debuff. Watch out for this. If that happens, get away from the tank ASAP as they will be hitting you with a big aoe.

Everyone: Spread out as much as you can. Don't stand in the bad stuff, but do stand in the good stuff. If you are targeted by Magmatron's "Acquiring Target" spell, stand there and take it (use damage reduction cooldowns if you have them; it will save the healer a lot of trouble).

Boss abilities:

Incineration Security Measure - Shoots out jets of flame all over the room. Don't stand in the fire. If you are the tank, don't move or rotate the boss.
Aquiring Target - Targets one raid member and, after a few seconds, shoots a huge jet of flame straight at them. Get out of the way, and heal the target.
Barrier - Absorbs 300k damage and explodes to deal 75k damage to everyone. Don't attack the barrier.

Poison Cloud - Causes anyone standing in it to gain a debuff that increases all damage taken by 50%, including the boss.
Poison Protocol - Summons 3 slow moving slimes that crawl towards a chosen target. Kill the slimes with ranged dps. If the slimes reach their target, they explode for about 100k and leave a pool of poison. Don't stand in that, and don't let a slime hit you; if you are being chased, kite it. Slimes are untauntable.
Poison Soaked Shell - When struck, the boss puts a stacking dot on the attacker. However, the dot has a benefit; when you attack with it, you deal a huge burst of nature damage (10k per stack). Try not to get it stacked too much, though, for the healers' sake.

Lightning Conductor - Puts a debuff on one target that hits all nearby raid members for big damage. If you get this debuff as a healer or dps, run away from the group. If a tank gets the debuff, pay attention and move away from the tank.
Chain Lightning - Not sure about the name or how much damage you can expect, but he does a chain lightning, so spread out.
Unstable Shield - When struck, the boss lets out a very high damage AOE. Don't hit the boss when this is up.

Arcanotron: Pull him out of his whirlpool, but make sure he's close enough to it that melee can stand in it.
Whirlpool - Gives whoever is standing in it a big boost to damage and mana regen. Stand in the whirlpool, but make sure the boss isn't.
Arcane Annihilator - Short cast time, interruptable, does a lot of damage to one target. Buffed by Power Conversion.
Power Conversion - Causes the boss to generate a stacking damage buff whenever he is struck. Don't hit him when he has this up. The damage buff is stealable, so if you like living dangerously, a mage might want to try that.


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