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Published on Jul 25, 2011

Dear Viewers,

Philip Schneider claimed to be a former US Government Geologist and Engineer, who was involved in producing the underground explosions which were required to facilitate the building of various underground military bases, as well as submarine bases for the United States Government.

He claimed to be one of only three people who survived the infamous Alien/Human War at Dulce and Los Alamos, where 66 Government Agents and Workers supposedly lost their lives in August of 1979.

For the last two years of his life he gave lectures about supposed classified information, including UFO's to the media and general public.

Philip Schneider was found dead in his apartment on January 17, 1996.

Some people claim that he was murdered.

Take care..,


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F Dannn
This is what happens ladies and gentlemen, when someone comes along who isn't a little brainwashed sheep and decides to expose the truth of what really takes place on this planet…you get killed for it.
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MonaLisa Diliberto
is that a question? yes janet reno is a lesbian. y is this man talkin about 911 if he died n 1996-oops u fuc*ed up!satan is the father of all lies, he has so much shit goin on right now all u got 2 do is pay attention. BOOM U GOT HIM! ur not tellin me im the only 1 that caught that gem...i am not about being tricked & brainwashed any more. i pray about everything, Jesus shows me the mistakes all Glory 2 him....
Dwayne Terry
MonaLisa Diliberto yeah and Janet reno? lesbian. I don't get it?
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the fact that he was murdered spills all the beans . they think people are really stupid. it doesnt take a cop to do some detective work and realize that what phil said was beyond true . this story is freaking fascinating
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MonaLisa Diliberto
this is bullshit this whole video..@ 43:18 y is he talkin about the world trade center???? if he died n 1996.
MonaLisa Diliberto
MERCENARY....let me tell u y we r stupid cause no1 helped this man, no1 came forward 2 help him cause we r a bunch of cowards. we can not come away from our luxury, we deserve 2 go down. if another country did come here & envade us we would all b prisoners within the hour...we Americans would never b able 2 do what the citizens of russia did when they were surrounded by germany durin ww2. i no u do not no about it cause it is not taught here cause it was 2 courageous...plus president clinton said he checked it out & there r no aliens...& demand what? we can not even get people we voted 4 2 get us health insurance
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white paws
i respect this man phil, i did hours of research on his information, and other topics of this same nature. it is insane how much truth is actually out there, yet you get idiots, spamming pointless remarks and have no clue or, have a open mind to what is happening in our life time. the world is changing at a very fast pace, a high percentage of the world, needs to wake up, and begin to see what is actually going on. please viewers, research, on these topics of aliens and ufo's, it truely will open your mind to what is truely happening. and if you reply to this with negitive thoughts or disrepect, then i feel sorry for you.
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MonaLisa Diliberto
this is bullshit this whole video..@ 43:18 y is he talkin about the world trade center???? if he died n 1996.
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Same Same
This is a true hero. If only he knew of the impact he did make for giving his life.
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Jim Piver
Beyond you conversational ability?
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Rudolf Hessiansack
This man was murdered....THAT SAY'S IT ALL TO ME.
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Bretton Ferguson
Google his death photo and look at the official story that he strangled himself. He is bruised head to toe, nose broken, etc... but he strangled himself? He must have beat the shit out of himself before he hung himself. http://s13.postimg.org/79xwf0h2f/phil_dead.jpg
There is much you can get from a humans death UK for Brexit better out. Why do you think we have forensic pathology as a science? Obviously none was done here so.....
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Ricardo Afonso
Don't even bother reading the comments. There's far too many government paid puppets trying to ridicule this great man. RIP Philip Schneider
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Luis Galaz
+Bretton Ferguson Hahahahaha hahahaha dashit was legit soooo posting a screenshot of your comment on fb hahahahaha
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Lajka Eie
Its funny how many people here say his full of shit and lost his mind, but why dont they go to the entrance of Area 51 and try to go inside and if stopped why don't they ask the military whats going on in there, maybe they will tell'em the truth when they arrive with their guns ready to escort them out of the area. This speech is more about fraudulent government that sold its people and constitution then about aliens, it's about you and your future. People in the US have to seriously start to question what the crazy government and military complex is doing. You already lost many of your liberties without even realizing it, and it seems that very soon you're going to loose the country too.
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Daniel Ioan
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Jim Piver
"he was shot in the back of the  head" COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULLSHIT!
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Fuck yall everything this guy is saying is the god damn truth he even talks about the fucking Ebola 
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+CrudeDude and your proof of this statement?? Character assassination is typical behavior of a shill or a person who doesn't want to believe anything outside of their safe little 'reality' purely because they are afraid. There has been a cover up for years but the powers that be cannot hide the truth for much longer. If you choose not believe any of it that is up to you. If you haven't realized by now that the Governments of the world are puppets and they are simply following orders then it might be time for you to open your eyes to the overwhelming evidence that is available for you to do your own research. It is all about controlling the people, they want to keep us brainwashed, dumbed down and distracted by anything that keeps us from realizing what is really going on. If you have documented evidence to the contrary then please bring it on. If anyone is 'believing every word' then maybe you should look in the mirror because it would seem that you believe everything that the Governments, the scientists, religion, medical association, big pharma, main stream media, etc are telling you. Wake up.. for the truth is right under your nose.
white paws
+CrudeDude yep I was right attention seeking whore and a true troll, grow up kid and go get some mothers milk, let out you're teething anger ok :) bless you're angry little head ;)
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Marco Polo
I understand that it is really difficult to believe but sometimes reality is way crazier than imagination.  Try at least to make searches about everything he said.  Try also to have different point of views.  When I look at this man, i see a man that screams the truth hoping people will believe him just before he died.  Every man who talk about alien secrets died.  There is no coincidences in life. Dr. Karla also died after revealing secrets about the "Grays".  So if it is a lie, it is a pretty dangerous lie to reveal to people.  I'm writing this for all of you who don't believe.  Sometime allowing yourself to believe is more difficult than choosing not to believe. Have a great day :)
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It's very simple for me, I believe for the Bible (KJV) told me so.
Marco Polo
I respect that! :)
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