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Published on Sep 27, 2008

This is the first episode of Here We Go Again. Please Comment and tell me what you think!

[It was the first day of high school for Jessica Hollingsworth. Moving on from eigth grade to ninth grade was a BIG step in her life. She was ready to see the world a new way, and make her school experience a great one. School started today at 9:30 a.m., much later than Jessica was used to. She would be attending Ocean Park High, in her hometown of Ocean Park, California, just on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.]

-Mom:"Come on, Jessica! You'll be late on your first day!"
-Jessica:"Okay, I'm coming! Give me a minute!" [thinking: "Jeez, woman, give me a break!"]
-Mom: "You're going to miss your bus!"
-Jessica: "I said hold on!"
[Twirls in front of the mirror, modeling her new bootcut jeans, black neon Tinkerbell tee, and pink converse high tops.She wasn't known for overdoing her fashion]
-Jessica: "Mom!"
-Mom:[Runs upstairs and bursts through Jessica's bedroom door] "What?"
-Jessica: "How should I wear my hair?"
-Mom:[Disappointed by the "important" question.] "I don't know, honey. Wear it however you want to wear it."
-Jessica: "Fine. Some help you are."[brushes through hair and puts in some dangly bright blue earrings]
[A horn honks outside]
-Mom: "That's your bus. Good luck honey." [grabs Jessica into a big bear hug]
-Jessica"Thanks mom. I love you!"
-Mom:"Love you too, honey. Have fun!"
-Jessica-[grabs bookbag and runs downstairs and outside. The Ocean Park school bus is a baby blue color with a sandy color paint at the rim of the bus. Ocean park logo spread across the side.]
[Jessica climbs on the bus and looks around. There are lots of freshman, sophomores, and juniors boarded, and are all staring back at her. She slowly starts to walk toward the back of the bus, until she hears someone call her name.]
-Quinn: "Jess! Hey, Jessie! Over here!"
-Jessica:[Looks in Quinn's direction and smiles]"Hey Quinn!"[sits down next to her best friend]
-Quinn:"Can you believe we're starting high school?This is amazing!"
-Jessica:"Yeah, I know! It seems just like yesterday that we were trying to eat sand out of the sandbox back in kindergarten."
-Quinn: "Yeah. Good times, good times."

[Bus stops infront of a big suburban-styled mansion, about 5 stories high. The bus doors opened and two boys walk out of the mansion. One is slightly taller than the other, and has straight black hair. The other has curly brown hair and glowing chocolate brown eyes. Jessica is hypnotized.]
-Quinn:"Wow. They're cute. Which one do you like, Jess?:
-Jessica:[Doesnt seem to notice that Quinn is talking to her, and keeps staring at the curly haired boy.]
-Quinn:"Jessie.Jessica.JESSICA!"[shakes Jessica's shoulders.]
-Jessica:[snaps out of lovestruck trance.]"What?"
-Quinn:"Nevermind. I think I have the answer to my question. {looks at curly boy, who gets on the bus and starts to walk to the back.]
-Jessica:"Gosh.Who are they?"
[A brown haired girl with way too much makeup on glares at Jessica.]
-Karynn:"Don't you know? They're the McMillans. Alex and Cameron. Duhh."
-Quinn:"I don't believe she was asking you, Karynn. Mind your business."
-Jessica:[whispering to Quinn]"How do you know her?"
-Quinn:"She's Karynn Reynolds. She lives next door to me. A total she-devil."
-Karynn:"You had better keep your eyes off of Cameron, because he is SO mine."
-Jessica:"I've only known you for two minutes, and I already don't like you. We'll see who has Cameron under her spell by the end of the year."
-Karynn:"Yes, we will. Good luck freshman."
-Jessica:"You're a freshman too, Reynolds."
-Karynn:"Just watch yourself."
[Alex sits in the very back of the bus next to a brownish-red haired girl and starts to kiss her. Cameron reluctanly sits next to his brother and looks around the bus. His eyes stop at the back of Jessica's head]
Cameron's P.O.V.*
[As soon as I saw her beautiful black hair, I knew she was the one. And how she turned her head to argue with Karynn Reynolds was amazing.She had the prettiest eyes and an amazing smile. I wanted to faint.]

Back to normal P.O.V.*
[The bus pulls up to the curb of Ocean Park High School. Students pour out of the bus and onto the giant campus.]
-Jessica:[walks to the front of the bus and starts to walk down the three stairs leading to the ground]
-Karynn:[pushes Jessica hard in the back, making her fall flat on her face in the grass.]"Oops.[Laughs and walks away]
-Quinn:"Jess!Are you okay?"[helps Jessica up off of the ground]
-Jessica:"Yeah, I think so. I am SO gonna knock her tonsils out. She had better get some good insurance."

This was going to be a great year.

How did you like it? Episode 2 coming soon, very soon. Please comment and tell me what you think. All story ideas are acknowledged! Thanks for watching!


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