What is Borderline Personality Disorder? (Mental Health Guru)





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Published on Dec 22, 2010

You may not be familiar with Borderline Personality Disorder, but two percent of American adults suffer from this condition. http://mental.healthguru.com/

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I'm a 22 year old male, just got diagnosed with this like a week ago. The thing is, it's a disorder that develops as a result of such intense emotional trauma, that the brain takes the route that'll most easily make it bearable. Unfortunately, later on, it really does damage areas of the brain which can be proven with brain scans. As long as I'm trying to get better, I don't care what anyone thinks of me.
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The Borderline Life
It's always good to see education about this debilitating disorder. xo
You shouldn't "speculate" if a person has a mental illness. It's not your place to make that sort of judgement, especially when you don't even personally know them.
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Dolores Hazard
Nice video - informative and respectful -- but the "crazy woman" picture has got to go lol. There's too much stigma surrounding this illness as it is.
People with BPD are sensitive souls who need lots of love and affection, IMO. They have a whole self, they just block it out to protect themselves from invalidation. To overcome the disconnection they can practice noticing their present experience, instead of being lost in thought or focusing on other people's experience. Tune in to your senses. The one who is tuning in is you. Your SELF. <3 spend time just being present, every day. It is good for you.
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I have BPD. I never lied about anything to get attention. I get very emotionally over things that are said or done that non suffers would brush off and carry on. I form co-dependant realtionships and can't walk away from them even when they make me ill.  I rarely scream at anyone even if they are shouting at me. All my anger gets bottled up.
Awkward Lunchbox
this is a very informative video that has a lot of useful information about BPD. I only wish it didn't use such graphic images such as stitches and a razor blade on someone's wrist. i understand the need for factual information, but these images can be very triggering for people with BPD. who may be watching this trying to learn more about themselves. i'm just saying consider your audience when making videos like this.
jemima huerta
love the video but hated that they made speculations about movie stars. they need actual proof of that then the video would be spot on.
Tanya Rowbotham
I also have BPD and find that its not as horrible or "demonic" as some of you think..all my friends, family and fiancee do not think im a bad person but just sensitive caring loving and a wonderful mom too. I just learned to lean on God when theres trouble and He always takes care of me and keeps me feeling loved and blessed!!!! So there is hope BPD sufferers!!!!!!
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Dan Roberts
It really doesn't matter what you do, they will scream and yell. You can give them everything they claim that they want and they will still scream and yell, you can plead with them to stop, it is useless. It is like dealing with an abusive alcoholic that blames everyone and refuses to stop drinking. Walk away and make no contact, that is the only hope. They will wear you down to a nub, and instill in you some sick need to go back for more and hope that it will work. Leave and don't look back. My guess is that a large number of murder / suicides are caused by a guy who has just been beaten down again and again until he finally snaps. Life is meant to be happy, not constant chaos and discord.
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