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Published on Nov 28, 2012

Dante Combo Compilation including Combos into Supers. (Hit Confirm/Kill Confirm)

Combos performed by hand using a standard PS3 pad.
Recorded and Edited by ProjectSeoul http://twitter.com/ProjectSeoul
Song: Brian Dilucente - The Lament Configuration

NEW! 203AP Combo: http://youtu.be/WeUV5qT4tFs | NEW! Dante Empty Cancel Tutorial: http://youtu.be/o0_yEpKRkAE

Week 1 Combos

In this video you will find:
The Nephilim Special: Dante "Empty" Bold Cancel 181 AP BnB (not fully optimized)
The Maj Special 169 AP BnB
Other BnB's (not necessarily optimized)
Up Throw Combos (not optimized)
Combos into Level 1 and Level 2 Supers (Rebellion Triple and Stinger)

Some combo examples will be similar but with slight differences. You should use either version based on your environment and situation. Dante has a lot of options that can be used so try different things to suit your style as well. Also remember in FFA situations you will need to sacrifice your longer combos for safety. A lot of times its best to go into the air as quick as possible using the High Time launch.

A lot of the tech found in this video was discovered by the community at Shoryuken forums. I worked on optimizing an "Empty" Bold Cancel combo (Nephilim Special) to get up to 181 AP. I was only able to put a little time into that one so I'm sure it can be optimized further by someone from the community. Please share with us!

The throw combos in this video are not optimized as I have not yet worked on that. Post me some stuff guys!

Dante: The Demon Hunter Guide/Discussion Thread on Shoryuken (includes notation): http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?...

More info on "Empty" Bold Cancel in this Video Description or on the Shoryuken forums.


Regarding combos where you cancel Angel Dash into a relaunch (Tremor/High Time): The Angel Dash can be a cross up, back dash, or forward dash without the cross up. Use whatever works best for your situation.

The Nephilim Special:
j.f.1 whiff, j.f.1, 1, 1, 1, 2, xx empty cancel (u.2, j.b.3, d.f.3 or 1) , 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, s.3, d.1, 2, f.3, u.1 (hold), j.1, j.1, j.1

Meter Gain: 181 AP

Notes: This combo requires the "Empty" Bold Cancel in order to maximize AP gain. Anymore reps and the IAS will kick in. I was only able to put a little time here so this could probably be optimized further. ---
The Maj Combo: j.f.1 whiff, j.f.1, 1, 1, 1, 2, s.3, d.1, 2, f.3, u.1 (hold), j.1, j.1, j.u1, j.2, j.f.3, j.1

Meter Gain: 161-169 AP depending on Ebony and Ivory Shots

Both cross ups do not have to be cross ups. Adjust based on your environment and situation. You can hit this combo after a Parry, however you can only hit 1 x3 after the 1 High Time Launch. (159-163 AP)
---Cross Up and Launch:
1, 1, 1, 2, f.3, cross up u.1 (hold), j.1, j.1, j.u.1, j.2, f.3, j.u.1, j.2, j.3

Meter Gain: 137-150 AP

The last j.2 can be a regular j.2 in certain situations. It's the more stylish way to go and for some reason can net max damage
Up, Up, and Away:
1, 1, 1, u.1 (hold), j.1, j.1, j.u.1, j.2, f.3, j.u.1, j.2, j.u.3

Meter Gain: 132-134 AP

This combo gets you in the air quicker than most of these other combos. This means its much more realistic in a FFA situation.

You can replace the last three moves (j.u1, j.2, j.u.3) with j.1 for the guarantee finish. It gives you lower AP if you do this.
Prop Shredder Ender (Shred It and Forget It):
1, d.1, 2, f.3, u.1 (hold), j.1, j.1, j.u.1, j.2, j.f.3, j.u.1, j.u.3

Meter Gain: 132-134AP

Pretty much the same as Maj's combo without the crumple cancel. It's all about situational combos and I figured I'd throw this one in here.
Payoff (Up Throw) Combo:
u.r.Analog, u.1 (hold), j.1, j.1, j.u.1, j.f.3, j.1

Meter Gain: 80~AP
Notes: Simple Combo off a throw. This is not optimized, someone please throw out an optimized throw combo! I haven't had time. ---


Game: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Language: English
Console: PlayStation 3
Player(s): ProjectSeoul
Recorded: 11/24/2012-11/27/2012

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