When Summer Comes Around Chapter EIGHT





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Published on Apr 23, 2010

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I landed on top of him and looked down a him with a smile on my face, I kissed his lips over and over
my left hand on his neck and my right intertwined in his. I felt his hand run up my back and I
pulled away and said three words I never thought I'd say, his blue eyes sparlkled as they looked
into mine.

"I love you" I said

I caught my breath and dropped the picure of me and ran to the door opening it as fast as I could.
I let the door fling open and ran out into the hallway. James was about to open the glass door
that led to the stairs. My chest rose up and down as my heart raced.

"James!" I yelled and he stopped turning back towards me. He looked down at the ground and back up
at me as I started walking towards him slowly, I couldnt help but picture never seeing him agian
and knowing that it was all on my part. I couldn' let him walk away and I didn't know why... even
if i was only one week wouldn't that be better than never knowing what that week could bring?
I had this feeling somewher einside that we were going to make through this.. and we were going
to do it together. I wanted him to hold me in his arms and kiss me again. I wanted him to tell me
that he loved me. I was in those few moments of my thoughts that I found myself within two feet of

"I can't forget you either and its like...its like I'm going to have these feelings forever...
don't go...don't leave me" I said and he broke the distance between us as his lips touched mine
over and over. I found my back against the hallway wall as his body was against mine. His hand on
he back of my neck and the other on my lower back holding me close to him. I felt a tear roll down
my cheek again as his lips collided with mine repeatdly.
Within a few stumbled steps we were back inside my apartment still kissing as I shu the door with
one hand while the other gripped his arm as if I let go of it I could loose him forever. My back
hit the door with a thud as his body was against mine yet again. His lips slowly and gently
touched mine reapetdly until there was a knock on the door and we both pulled away looking a each
other as another knock came. I bit my lower lip blinking as I felt yet another tear run down my
cheek as I smiled at him. He lifted his hand gently wiping the tear away with his thumb as he
smiled back.

"Rebekah Its Johnny...I know your in there can we talk?" I glanced down and back up into James

"Rebekah please!"

I moved around James and turned around half opening the door

"Rebekah I-"

"You said everything you needed to say at the restaurant Johnny" I said shutting the door but he
stopped it "Can I come in?" he asked

"No Johnny actually you can't...I've...I've actually got company right now" I said and Johnny
looked past me and back at me again and I knew James had come into view.

"Yea whatever just call me when he leaves you hear broken again because you know he will in a day
or two he'll be gone and you'll be crying yourself to sleep" he said shaking his head and turning
and walking away as I shut the door and turned back to James. Was Johnny right? I sighed locking
the door as I walked to the couch and sat down my head in my hands. I looked up pushing my hair
behind my ears and looked at James who was studying the few pictures on my wall. He stopped at one
of me and Johnny and I quickly got up. I reached him and took the picture down, I slid the knots
on the back and pulled the picture out. I closed it and handed it to James upside down. He turned
it over and I wached his face light up as a smile came across his lips. He turned and pulled me
into his arms, I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"You kept that picture in there" he whispered and I smiled taking in the smell of him.

We laid on the floor together in a blanket, the only light in the room the TV.
My head rested on his stomach his arm across my side, his hand resting half on my other side, I
looked up at him his gaze starred off into the darkness. I was okay with the silence...it kept us
from talking about something I didn't want to hear, after this week what would happen... it was
something neither of us wanted to about and our silence showed that. I wanted him to lie to me...
to tell me that everything was going to work out and we were going to be just like this forever.
I found myself staring off into the darkness as well as thoughts of us ran through my head, the
things I couldn't erase. I closed my eyes. I woke up my head on the floor and no one next to me,
the TV was still on and the sun was peeking through the crack in the curtain. I sat up on my
elbows looking around at my empty apartment, I could tell by the locks that the door had been
opened. My heart fell and I laid back down, a week...he said a week...not a night. I grabbed the
pillow beside me and threw it across the room.

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