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Published on Apr 7, 2011

The Arabs who occupy the land of Israel want this video to be removed .
Feel free to copy this video and help spread the truth the palestinians seek to deny.

Jerusalem : Muslims and Jews
Or :
How and why palestinians desecrate the Temple Mount and Jerusalem.

One of the most important videos on youtube that sheds light on the Jewish-Arab conflict.

Jerusalem has been a Jewish holy city since the days of King David . 3000 years ago.
At that time the Arabs were still pagans who used to worship idols such as Al Uzza, Al Lat and Al Mannat at the Kaaba. (Jahiliyya period)

In the year 638 CE the muslims captured Jerusalem from the Byzantines and built a mosque on the site of the Jewish holy Temple.

While Jews pray facing Jerusalem and the Temple mount , Muslims pray towards Mecca.
When Muslims pray in Jerusalem they point their behind to the Dome of the rock and the temple mount.

An Islamic holy site ?
Palestinians use the temple mount as a playground where they have picnics and play soccer.

Sary Nusseibeh , palestinian professor and the president of the Al Quds university had to go underground after admitting that the temple mount is a Jewish holy site.

Ibn Taymiyyah (1263-1328) , whose writings influenced the Wahhabi movement in arabia ruled that sacred islamic sites are to be found only in the Arabian Peninsula and that " in Jerusalem, there is not a place one calls sacred , and the same holds true for the tombs of Hebron"

Jerusalem is mentioned in the Bible 667 times , while in the Quran : 0 times .

According to the quran , the holy land was written by Allah to Israel (quran 5:21) and that the Jews will return to their land (quran 17:104)

The jews are coming back home from the diaspora .

Ezekiel 36:24
"For i will take you from among the nations , gather you out of all countries, and bring you back into your own land"

Jeremiah 29:14
"I will be found by you," declares the LORD, "and will bring you back from captivity. I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you," declares the LORD, "and will bring you back to the place from which I carried you into exile."

Isaia 62:1
"For Zion's sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem's sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch."


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Ahmed Shehryar
-the dome of the rock and al aqsa mosque have been standing there for more than 1300 years, more than both of the temples of jews had ever stood. -jerusalem was won by muslims from christians and not jews, jews were exiled by romans. -i still think saladin should have exiled jews too, instead he let them stay. the christians used temple mount as a stable for their horses, saladin cleaned it with rose water. -as for jews returning to holy land said in quran, that is true, and thats happening now which means quran is right. and guess what quran also says that it will fall!
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Local kid Done good
Alan Woodhouse I know my facts that is all propaganda. Not true He was a man of peace! Sorry your wrong
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Mario Pereira
I will tell you what..... The day Saudi Arabia allows the Catholic Church to build a nice, big, beautiful Cathedral in their Capital City, I will accept Islam in this country. Let's see how that works.
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Abdullah Share
Mario Pereira don't convert to Islam cuz Islam doesn't need you or someone alike you. PBU you
truth and common sense warrior
Ali Musah I want to see the whole middle east nuked. Every god damned inch of it.
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Okay guys, say it with me: Jews are from Judea, Arabs are from Arabia!
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Mara Ranian
[Z] Roll The so-called Palestinians are invented people. They were invented in 1967. Yasser Arafat and his terrorists men were kicked out of Jordan (Eastern Palestine) in the 60's. They went to Gaza, Lebanon, and the so-called West Bank (historically known as Samaria and Judea). Canaan land was promised by God to Abraham and his descendants. The Canaan land later became the Kingdom of Israel. This Kingdom was divided when King Solomon passed away. It divided into two kingdoms: Northern Kingdom called Israel, the capital was Samaria. The Ten Tribes of Israel lived in Israel or Samaria ruled by non Jews, all wicked kings. Then, Southern Kingdom called Judah or Judea, the capital was Jerusalem. Then years later, it was ruled by the Romans, Emperor Hardrian renamed Israel/Judah to PALESTINA (Roman name) to erase the connections of the Jews to their ancestral homeland. Then, with the invention of a Jewish chemist, the British won World War I, which was the end of Ottoman Empire rule. The rebirth of Palestina, Palestine (English name this time). It was promised to Weizmann the Jewish chemist, but the British had reneged on Balfour Declaration. You know how it, the British needed oil for their Naval ships. They partitioned Palestine Mandate giving the Arabs 20% of the Mandate, Eastern Palestine called Jordan. The 20% went to the Jews. Western Palestine called Israel. There were no people called PALESTINIANS during the partition of Palestine Mandate.
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Palestinians got a fantastic deal In the late 1800's there was a smattering of native peoples, Jews, Christians, Druze and Bedouins, and only about 140,000 Muslim Arabs who had been there for any notable duration. All those people were swamped by the Jewish and then Arab immigrants soon to arrive en masse – Arabs following Jews to the region for the jobs Jews were creating and at the urging of Arab leaders and imams to prevent the rise of a non-Arab state. Had there been no reconstituted Israel the native people would never have got nor even asked for a state of their own. Instead they would have been absorbed into Egypt or one of the neighbouring Arab states being established from the fallen Ottoman Empire. Local Arabs, i.e., Palestinians, got Jordan from the start, Israel gave them Gaza, and Israel has 97% of the West Bank on offer to them. Put differently, Palestinians got approx 77% of the Ottoman province of Palestine, on which no Jew may step foot, and Jews the leftover, which they share with 1.5 million Palestinians. All in all, this newly invented people got a fantastic deal.
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Moe Khalaf Moreover, most Israelis are Sephardi and Mizrahi, not Ashkenazi. And DNA proves all 3 groups to be one and the same. When the Romans exiled the Jews from Israel in the year 70, Jews dispersed to various lands. Some went or eventually migrated to Europe. Now many have returned home. There are 56 Islamic states, of which 22 are Arab. Time to quit being pathologically selfish and allow a measly 6 million Jews live in peace in their one and only, minuscule, ancient homeland. But Islam is an imperialist faith that rationalizes stealing land from everyone else. So, chances are far too many Islamic states and too many Muslims will choose to sustain war to steal Israel from the Jews, making up as many lies as need be to avoid feeling guilty about it. You've brought up quite a few of those lies in your posts, such as that Arabs lived there before the Arab 7th century invasions of all the Christian Middle East. In fact, those they conquered were not Arabs. They were mass killed and mass raped. Their houses of worship were destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of the imperialist Arab invaders settled amongst them. Only then did those native people who hadn't fled eventually decide it was better to identify as Arabs themselves. And yet even today descendants of the Muslim Arab invaders persecute the native Christians. Almost none remain in Judea or Samaria or Gaza. Almost none remain in Iraq. Millions have fled Egypt and other Islamic nations. I'd like to believe that learning the truth will change your attitude. But, of course, more likely you'll choose to continue believing the lies. Maybe you'll even choose new lies to cover up the truth, now that the old lies have been exposed. Question: Does the Koran lie? It says this is the land of the Jews. To deny that you'll have to come up yet more lies.
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sir kukucashu
I'm from Palestine and I don't even care about the video
stephen john gray
there is no future for the human race if we continue this way hating each other .
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Uranus Isgreen
I see people like blue222blue are busy reporting comments again..."And the Rule of Law says the settlements are illegal. So are you for the rule of law" "Ottomans didn't sign anything to the Jews. Nor do they share. It's not called the "Christian, Jewish and Muslim state of Israel" nor even simply the "state of Israel'. No, they call themselves the "Jewish State of Israel". Please explain to me how asking Israel to not only stop the occupation, but desist form expanding it, a return to the 19th century. The fact that you won't just illustrates you know you are wrong. You don't even care about Jews. Would you condemn any call to murder Jews?" Both these comments magically disappeared. Wonder why?
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The Temple Mount is not holy to Muslims. They only say that because it's Holy to the Jewish people. And Jewish people are their sworn enemy. ANd they won't admit this because they shun anything that contradicts their holy book. That is why they like to remain in the dark ages.
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princess sonu
Palestine is s place of muslim... not jews
emo sharma
It's true in India also Muslims break and vandalized most of the Hindu temple and built their mosque in North India. Muslims is not a religion. It's satanism. See the more religionous more brutal. See the Isis, Taliban or any other religionous Muslims organization.
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