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Published on Mar 15, 2011

"The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers" by Adullam Films, written & directed by Christian J. Pinto. The full presentation is 3 hours long, and covers the beliefs of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, and John Adams. The film also gives a Biblical view of what these men believed, and how their philosophies are acknowledged in Bible prophecy. Learn more at www.adullamfilms.com

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Comments • 2,871

The Founders were men of the Enlightenment, not bible-thumping Pilgrims.  they were practical, rational types, they thought of god as a concept, not a magical person. today's fundamentalist Evangelicals are dishonestly claiming kinship with the Founders, but Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin would have had no use for today's bible Belt conservatives.
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yeah, "your" dumb! eatmysmrats.
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DeityFree Dee
Deism.  That's the faith of these men.  And it wasn't "hidden."
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Judy S.
Deism is more a philosophy than a “faith”. In fact, epicureanism is a better descriptor.
Sine Wave
Chris Pinto is a Judaizing Occultist pawn himself, so no surprises here..  So many convenient  half truths in this vid, where to start?
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Alex H
Laughing at all the right wing clowns who scream "America is a Christian Nation!", when in reality, most of the founding fathers were deists, or modern day agnostics.
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Allen Brodess
40yr's in a desert when they could have followed the shore and got there in 2 weeks...bs..noahs arks bs...flat geocentric earth bs..,.a firmament and heaven in the skies and this firmament having pores that god opens to let it rain utter nonesense...A woman being made from the rib of a man..the egyptians keeping innocent jewish slaves bs...the earth being less than 12,000 years old bs...forget jesus the stars exploded so we could be here
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Jeff Ramey
I'll take the U.S. Constitution over the bible or whatever goofy religion thank you.
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Allen Brodess
evolution,genetics,shape of the earth,form of solar system we live in...and SOOOOOOOOO much more shits on your abrahamic bullshit..
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Ansel Adams
Inspiration by definition comes from beyond our own minds to be truly new and original, all new inspirational ideas and revelations come from the same place. For the first time in mankind's history we can Know where inspiration comes from, and how to become inspired and stay that way. Search "Truth Contest" and see the answer's to life's biggest questions.
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Your dreams died in a Berlin bunker in 1945. You might as well follow your Uncle Adolph's example, because it only ends one way for wretches like you.
Judy S.
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christopher laing
Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit and the Masonic Lodge is also a creation of the Jesuit Roman Catholic Vatican. NEVER leave the nefarious Jesuits out of the conversation concerning the shaping of the the history of the world.
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All from the line of Shem are the Jesuits and French Freemasons. None of these people have our best interests in mind when they go off on their secular lawless mannerism. Just because you don't believe in Christ does not give them a right to usurp borders and cause Civil Strife. Vatican / Jesuit / Fake Jew / Freemason; all the same to me. Its the mask of Satan, he has many names does he not?
christopher laing hmmm, it was my understanding that the Jews, particularly Rothchilds were the true founders and leaders,to this day, of Freemasonry. It's beliefs are founded firmly in kabala mysticism. Jesuit are small potatoes compared to the zionists...and I've never found hard evidence for the existence of this "black pope". I'd be interested in seeing some if someone could post a link!
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David Longfellow
"Patriotic Christianity" He means a Theocracy lol
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Judy S.
The only theocracy is colonial America was in New England.
Ken Johns
Michael Groesbeck
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Mister Johnson
The politicians in America have no morals to speak of. They are representatives of the BEAST -- the system. Because the system is the BEAST. Now, I'm no Christian, but I can read between the line.
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Long Range Aim Always
You're awesome
Kenneth Redmon
+Bruce Frank Yes I do Know it, and it is a Marvelous LIGHT (Christ in you a Hope of Glory).  As My Lord and Brother YAHWASUA Declared the Father's Name YAHWAH ELOHEEM to His Disciples John 17:26.  PALEO ANCIENT HEBREW which was translated in to Septuagint Knone Greek around 280 BC. I used to like comic books, but have grown out of it.  Have a nice day.
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ahree taylor
Im not getting into a spiritual debate cause that's what there trying to do in this film to get people on there side, I'm not bashing Christians here but I'll just say this: NO! other religion has killed more people in the name of god then the Christian faith!. So instead let me address some facts we see today. Notice how this film was made in 2010, your not tricking me people like Tomas Jefferson & Abraham Lincoln didn't want a federal reserve they knew back then that it was dangerous too our liberties, the people who made this including the preacher guy in this film probably are Bush & Obama supporters these are the people who are trying to get rid of the constitution & your rights!, so why believe this !!!
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Judy S.
When one considers that the Islamic Empire was created by military conquest, this is contrary to historical fact.
Kenneth Redmon
I only follow one leader, Jesus Christ=YAHWASUA in Paleo Hebrew.  For 60 years i believed in Commandments of Men and Jewish Fables.  Then almost a year ago the Lord gave me Revelations. I was on Twelve Medications, I would get dizzy 3,4 and 5 sometimes a day (Think i was going to die), not a very good life. So about two months ago, the Lord showed me the Ruler of this World and His Demigods and Devils, all in the Clouds and Trees.  These things tormented me when i was in my early 20s. When i seen them, i realized they have no Power that the Father doesn't allow, which meant they had no Power over me. But when the Lord showed me, the return of the 70 Disciples came to mind, Knowing that you should not be happy that you power over the Evil Spirits, BUT, THAT YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.  So i went cold turkey, and haven't taken a Pill since, have more energy. But, the funny thing is, all my ailments went away, except two new sores on both my heels, that have not healed all the way, for over 2 Months, that seems to always refer me back to Gen 3:15. I'm like the Father wishing none to Perish, i have been set free with the Truth indeed. And i will not deny it.
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Richard Raymond
The Bible has all the makings of a work of fiction. Sorry folks. THIS is why it requires faith to follow. If it made sense then reason and not faith would be required. 
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yeah, Richard. I thought the same thing but I'd encourage you to watch some you tube videos on isreal, zionist, biblical prophecy. all these areas spoken of 2,000 years ago still exist today and there are things foretold in the OT happening in the middleast today...it's a play by play. I understand wanting to deny the grand interventions of burning bushes,etc. but I think there's quite a bit of evidence those people and places spoken about did exist. I mean remember the two sons of Abraham are what have created the Jews and the Muslims both groups to this day fighting for thier promise land...also there are 150 prophecies in the OT about Jesus. they are spot on! it's an amazing book. do not condemn until you investigate. no one can read the Bible and not come away with at least a simple appreciation for its historical detail, references and cohesiveness. written by multiple people over a span of 3,000 years and it all forms and fits to create a beautiful narrative of humanity and our walk with God.
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