Boycott YouTube December 16 2011 Protest Against GreyWhite Dull Office-Drone-like Limited Layout





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Published on Dec 16, 2011

Latest Youtube unpersonal Office-like Layout is awful. So many users are upset. There are hundreds of posts in the feedback & suggestions forum with their complaints. Will we be heard?

YouTube New Homepage Feedback Survey:

Feedback & Suggestions Forum Link:

Feedback Thread 1: Locked @ 1,543 replies

Feedback Thread 2: Locked @ 499 replies

~look at channels: EX0MATRlXTV women4tuth UfoDisclosure2012 celebs4truth JohnKuhles 911TruthAnniversary NWOsatire NigelFarageFans RonPaul2012Revolt infopowerment OccupyNWO AlexJonesFeeds Rappers4Truth Agony4Truth ChemTruthers ALL VIDEO-UPLOADS BLACKOUT (set on Private)


BOYCOTT YOUTUBE DAY on Friday 16th December 24 hour black out.
Be part of the next even bigger protest with Hundreds of thousands of channels participating in unison standing up to defend the old but favored You Tube set up. ""THIS COMING FRIDAY PUT ALL YOUR VIDS IN PRIVATE""

Friday 16th December a 24 hour black out .It has started and is currently in operation it is not too late to join in I leave this video here so that you ca download it in under 12 minutes have it up and running on your channel too IF you hate newtube come join us NOW.!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Be part of this even bigger protest with Hundreds of thousands of channels participating in unison standing up to defend the old but favored YouTube set up. ""THIS COMING FRIDAY"" 16th of December

Taking action against Google's plans for a new lay out, which the majority of truetube lovers have not been consulted on & the majority seem to be in accord THEY HATE IT !! , It will be an historic collaboration between hundreds of thousands of channels if not millions of channels, each one closing down their channels by de activating the display modules on their home pages only leaving a protest video as a featured video and available for viewing, BUT more importantly changing all their best most viewed most profitable videos for you tube & Google!!!! to PRIVATE MODE, so that YT and Google cannot make money on them, This will result in a massive loss of revenue to you tube, We believe they will sit down & think this over, The power seems to be at this moment with the people!! they are going to take a different tack and hit Google in the Bank vault something different not just sitting there moaning but taking action,millions will join them in the struggle to keep YOUTUBE theirs tThe action is set to begin the begin at ONE minute after midnight (where ever you happen to be on this Planet) 00;01 HRS on the morning of the 16th of December that will be everyones signal to un-plug from you tube per se, By logging out & staying away totally for 24 hours they propose to make no video comments nor too watch any videos. I believe there will hide their channels using a you tube application in settings that will make then literally unfindable invisible in you tube search 16th of December remember that date!!!!!!!!
Let the volume of their protest be the silence in cyberspace,they plan to go to any other site,there are many, try them out and if they like it there try staying 24 hours as a test, SO they be absent totally on the 16th of December.They will be getting the message out to millions more in the following 2 days with the assistance of a tool called the remix video app that has been supplied so that the publicity video can be quickly downloaded and be uploaded automatically with virtually no fuss in less than 12 minutes one of the organizers stated copy this video by any means you like including hitting the remix video facility on this free to air CC rated video, then upload it to your channel as your own video, just recognize and credit the original owner of the video,The sharing of the video to all of your subscribers will be done by you tube (there is method in their madness,) the new upload share by you tube will lead to even more success, new TRUETUBERS discovering about the NOOTUBE boycott days of action.
the protesters have just experienced a major success considering THEY only had 2 days to get it really up and running, but the support they received on the 10th of December boycot day was super phenomenal, acomplete success far more than was expected as a launch platform for further boycots thanks to those who participated,an even more confident outlook to a successful resolution of the disputed undemocratic action of Google.
Google have to step back from the brink, thank you for your patience and continued support in this struggle.
Be there on the 16th----- Be absent (except to share your protest video if you really are motivated!! which would be wonderful we ask you to share all over the internet share your copied video, which belongs to you and will be added to your view counts. NOT OURS. Thank you go do it Thanks, Don't forget BE THERE - BE ABSENT !!!


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