What is Buteyko method? How to define Buteyko breathing technique?




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Published on May 11, 2016

Part 1. What is the Buteyko method? How to define the Buteyko breathing technique?

Many Buteyko practitioners have been involved in trials, teaching new students and practitioners. This video presentation is about Dr. Artour Rakhimov's vision related to innovations and developments in breathing retraining and teaching the Buteyko method.

Directions of developments and innovations:
- Safety
- More severe states of known conditions
- New or more serious health conditions or diseases
- Less time for students with higher efficiency or better long-term results.

What is the Buteyko course? Should it exactly follow all ideas suggested by Dr. Buteyko?

What is the Buteyko (original) method? There are 4 different criteria or approaches that can be used to answer this question:
1. Anything that within the main idea of the method: The cause of chronic health probems is overbreathing (low CO2 in the lungs); the direction to go is to increase CO2 in the alveoli of the lungs by reducing ventilation). The Buteyko Table of Health Zones reflects healthy states and stages of diseases.
2. “Back to Nature idea”
3. A specific fixed set of methods. Probably those that was originally used by Buteyko and his colleagues (the classical method)
4. Not specific methods and techniques (tools), but specific practitioners or closest people... (better certified or spent more time etc.)

Reverse order:
4. Specific or certified people – My view: the Buteyko method is about specific methods and techniques that 1) can be reproduced and used by others (new students, new teachers) and 2) able to provide better results.

Buteyko's criteria: 90% success rate for treating diseases by breathing practitioners, having 60 s CP.

3. What is the original Buteyko method?
A. Historical changes were also common: breathing exercises 12-15 min, 30-40 min, now 15-20 min....

B. For example, here are Dr. Buteyko's quotes about effects of high blood glucose (hyperglycemia) in people with diabetes mellitus:

“... We are convinced that the increase of sugar level is not a pathologically damaging factor. Sometimes we observe a tenfold rise of blood sugar, and so what? Nobody died from such a hyperglycemia. Sugar is not poisonous. That is clear for everybody.”

This the quote from the main Russian source on the Buteyko method, from the 2nd Conference of Buteyko doctors, KP Buteyko, The theory of the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus. Basic principles of hormone therapy. In: Buteyko method.
Its application in medical practice, ed. by K.P. Buteyko, 2nd ed., 1991, Titul, Odessa, pages 5-10.

These days, due to 21-century research on inflammation caused by glucose metabolism, it is clear that even normal blood glucose has mild toxic and addictive effects due to existence of cleaner fuel: dietary fats.

If someone teaches the Buteyko method, does this mean that this Buteyko practitioner should also advise their diabetic patients to ignore hyperglycemia?

Similarly, Buteyko had serious wrong ideas in relation to use and effects of breathing devices. He claimed that overbreathing during device sessions would cause overbreathing after sessions. This is not correct since any Buteyko teacher who tried devices agrees that devices lead to higher final CPs after sessions of the same duration and similar intensity (air hunger).

Note that my personal opinion is that Dr. KP Buteyko was the greatest medical man. He made more significant health contributions than contributions made by any other 10 famous medical people combined.

My understanding of the Buteyko breathing method:
- Changes are normal for when applied now vs. in the past.

Teaching Buteyko breathing method factors:
- Not people or practitioners, not diplomas, but tools and results.
Some tools and differences are to be discussed later.

Efficiency of breathing retraining is in results (CP for 99+% of people):
- Safety for special situations and conditions (vs. damage)
- Increased success rate for more severe conditions (more serious forms or more difficult conditions)
- Less time and better results
- Better long-term results (not breathing exercises).

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The video features Dr. Artour Rakhimov, bestselling Amazon writer, health educator, breathing teacher and trainer, and the author of the website www.NormalBreathing.com.


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