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Published on Feb 9, 2011

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Periodic table song / rap with all the named elements in order. Easy and fun to memorize. "Lyrics" are at the bottom of this description. (I spelled a few elements wrong in the video... that's what I get for rushing the production.)

There is a newer, better version here:

Also helpful is the Periodic Table Symbols Song:

And there is a Karaoke version, if you want to try and rap it yourself!

I release this song and this recording under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license. For details of what that means, see:


(It's like the generic Creative Commons Attribution license offered by YouTube, except that you may not use it for commercial gain. And hey, let me know if you do use it!)


My first attempt at rapping...

This was a challenge from my sister to help our high school kids memorize the periodic table. Though Tom Lehrer's version is famous, it doesn't include some of the more recently named elements, and (more importantly) it doesn't present them in order.


I highly recommend the TMBG song "The Elements" as a helpful reminder of what the elements are, and also as an example of a really excellent learning song, both educationally and musically.


If you are using this song/video to memorize the periodic table, take advantage of a number of mnemonic devices I built in. All of the "noble" gases except for helium are labeled as such in the song... That means you know you're on the right hand side of the table. This should help you line things up if you are unsure.

Try to memorize one chunk at a time, or even one line at a time. And use the video to help you drill the symbols at the same time.

In some circles, the names may be pronounced slightly differently. For example, in Great Britian, "aluminium" is spelled and pronounced differently than the United States' "aluminum." I live in the US, so I pronounced things the American way, as best as I could.

Lyrics: These Are The Elements (by David Newman)

These Are The Elements

Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Berylium,
Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen;
Fluorine [snore] (Now stop Snoring...
This isn't boring-And this is stuff you shouldn't be ignoring.)
*Neon* ["noble"] Sodium Magnesium
Aluminum Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulfur and
Chlorine (That's under Fluorine - [Hey we're up to seventeen!]
You've never had it better for remembering
the elements...)

These Are The Elements

So then we got Argon ["noble"] Potassium and Calcium;
scandium, titanium, vanadium and chromium;
Manganese iron cobalt-nickel-copper-zinc
gallium germanium arsenic selenium and
bromine. (that's under chlorine and fluorine)
Just keep storing the order for your mortar board...
Krypton ["noble"] Rubidium and strontium
Yttrium, zirconium, Niobium, molybdenum
Technetium ["it's radioactive"] ["whoah"]
ruthenium, rhodium-palladium
Silver ["BLING"] cadmium and indium.
Tin, Antimony, Tellurium and Iodine...

These Are The Elements ["That's 53 y'all"]

Now we've got
Xenon ["noble"] Cesium and Barium
["The lanthanides:"] Lanthanum and Cerium
* Pra-si-o-di-mi-um * Neodymium-
Promethium * Samarium-Europium
* gadolinium Terbium-dysprosium
Holmium Erbium Thulium Ytterbium
["Going on:"] Lutetium, Hafnium and Tantalum
Tungsten, Rhenium, Osmium, Iridium
Platinum ["BLING"] Gold ["BLING"]["BLING"]
Mercury ["HG"] Thallium and Lead
Bismuth Polonium Astatine
Radon ["noble"] Francium, and Radium

These Are The Elements ["It's gettin' hott in herre... It's radioactive"]

Now we've got the Actinides: Actinium and Thorium
Protactinium, Uranium ["BOOM"]
Neptunium, Plutonium ["BOOM"]
Americium, Curium, Berkelium,
Californium, Einsteinium, Fermium,
Mendelevium, Nobelium, Lawrencium
["That's it for the Actinides"] Whoah!
But we've still got little heavy metal to go...
Rutherfordium, Dubnium, Seaborgium,
Bohrium and Hassium, Meitnerium, Darmstadtium,
Roentgenium, and now you all can sing it yourself
cause Copernicium gets us to 112.


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