"Nobs 4 Lyf" - Music Video ft. Brother Blake





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Published on Sep 16, 2012


Song made by Brotherblake

Full FREE Download!

Shot/Filmed/Edit by MitchGFilms
Special thanks to both Brother Blake and Mitch for the hard work and effort that went into making this music video possible. This was my form of thanking the nobs for all their support and encouragement throughout these past years. Really couldn't have done it without you! N4L

~I Can Hear Them Shouting~
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Benjamin Matheny
My children will be made while this song plays in the background
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Фелиция Торговец
Benjamin Matheny Same
Benjamin Matheny
+Ecrozz i woulda said while my children were being birthed for the second one
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Meme Deciple Aleks
Rules To Become a True Nob. Rule #1: Listen to this song every single day. Rule #2: Don't disrespect the other nobs.If you do,you'll be in for a treat Rule `#3: If you ever threaten to destroy us,we'll find you and rip your throat out and EAT YOUR FUCKING EYEBALLS!!!!!!!! Rule #4: Fuck peoples day up. Rule #5: smoke meth and hail satan Rule #6: say damn dude all the time Rule #7: drink pepsi max Rule #8: try to get all the bitches Rule #9: get power ranger or optimus prime helmets Rule#10 The final rule,and also the most important rule is,Buy immortal's shirts If you want more rules,then try to live til 3/6/3092 cuz that's the fucking rule book's release date
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Salad Waster Aleks
+GirlPlaysMc But..If you fart on them balls..its way better.
+Dazzle♥ did you know that one of the rules is fuck peoples days up so guess what we are gonna find you, rip your throat out, shank you repeatedly and eat your eyeballs. have a nice day!
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anyone else still an aleks fan oscar isnt.
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Naufal Khalis
Almost 4 years ago. Thanks Eddie for telling me about Aleksandr
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Mr. Pringles
you mean cucc
Gary Busey
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Boku No Nico
i can't wait for the days when i can have as much fun as this.  also im crying while watching this because back in 2012 was when i was a hardcore Nob, Homie, Bro and all that other stuff i never liked when all these youtubers changed and started only doing one thing, abandoning everything else that i personally loved. But, i can still always fall back onto their old videos and laugh at their old humor. Still, i can't help but to love all their new stuff (except pewds i kinda kicked him out of my youtube journey).  Since 2011, i've been a Nob, Homie, an "Anal" im guessing, whateverthefuckSeam00secalls us and so much more. Nobs 4 Lyf bruh
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Mylonix Shade
• yung • getty • ph
yo pewds is gr8 dude
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Remember when YouTube was ran by The Creatures and Smosh and early Pewdiepie and all that shit, and nyan cat was popular
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Ayy lmao
those times were a lot more simple i enjoyed RWJ
Joshua yes frfr I grew up with these guys, watching sly play infamous..
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Decoy Ranger
Song is right. We will fuck your day up
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+dipak patel Damn, dude.
super god555
your pic gave me a boner
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fuckin still gettin me hype 4 years later
Sammy The Fox
Man, I miss these days I used to love ImortalHD, Slyfoxhound, Blue Xephos, and so many other youtubers before they got big... Now days it seems like all of them left what started them and wound up doing what ever gets the most money, it's really sad honestly :/
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Sammy The Fox
oh, cowchop is a channel
Incy Vince
+Sammy The Fox Cowchop, Aleks and Jame's collab channel, basically their old duo livestreams, always pumping out better and better content
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Ali Rod
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Ali Rod
+GalaxyzHD o LOL
+Ali Rod (Aliplier) I think he/she is talking about your profile pic.
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