Ep 21: EXPOSED AND EXPLAINED: The Republican 5-Point Plan to Reset America's Economic Foundation





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Published on Oct 20, 2014

John Boehner took 16 minutes to explain his "5 point plan" to save the Universe... I mean, America. Luckily, Zach Heltzel can explain it in only four.

It really is quite simple. Republicans want no spending, no lawsuits, no taxes, no mean regulations that are mean, no spending, and they want to use Federal money to pay for every single poor kid in America to go to private school. But no spending.

You don't believe me? Watch the video... it's all there. All that, and some stuff about sucking d**k that Zach completely improvised against his producer's advice. We left it in the video, because... you know.

This is the Republican plan. This is what the GOP will focus on from now until election day 2016. STUDY THIS VIDEO, and make sure to call the Republicans out if they ever deviate from this very specific Five-Point Plan for Resetting America's Economic Foundation.

Oh, and: he didn't say squat about immigration, abortion, or gay marriage. Let's see everybody's "shocked face".


For those of you who have read this far in the description (HI THERE!), today's key phrase is: VAGUE PLATITUDES.

Who is Speaker John Boehner kidding? Even being as generous as humanly possible, the Republican "5-Point Plan for Resetting America's Economic Foundation" isn't a list of solutions... it is merely a list of problems.

Yes, it is a problem that taxes are very complicated. What is the solution? The Republicans don't have a clue, except that things should be "shorter" and "easier".

Yes, it is a problem that we spend money on things we probably shouldn't. What specifically should we cut? The Republicans won't say, because if they gave details it might upset someone.

But NO, we do NOT have a problem of "frivolous lawsuits" in this country. This is just a CODE for Republicans wanting to help out their big business buddies by making them immune to getting sued for their fuck-ups. Republicans never actually DEFINE which lawsuits are "stupid" and which ones are not. How much money do you want to bet that at the end of the day, if Republicans got their way, any lawsuit that held oil companies accountable for pollution would somehow end up in the "frivolous" category?

Do not be fooled by the claim that Republicans want to cut down on "frivolous" lawsuits: what they really mean is they want it harder for everyday people to ever hold corporations accountable.

And NO, it isn't a problem that the regulation process is "combative". The regulation of businesses, designed to prevent them from abusing people, SHOULD BE MOTHER-F**KING COMBATIVE. The whole point is to stop companies from screwing over the common person. The real meaning behind Speaker Boehner's "collaborative regulation" is law-makers going to big businesses and saying "Hey, how can we NOT inconvenience you too much?"

Does that sound like it will lead to effective regulation?

And finally: Yes, education is a problem. And the Republican solution of giving federal money to people so they can go to private school is problematic for a number of reasons. For example, many private schools are religious, and that would mean federal money is going to support specific specific religious causes, which is unconstitutional.

But even putting all of that aside, how do Republicans wrap their brains around the idea that our country is broke, but that they are ALSO in favor of paying for every poor kid in the country to go to school on Federal money?

I think Speaker Boehner is betting on people not thinking that one through....

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