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Uploaded on Nov 21, 2008

US-President "Dhimmi" Obama bows to the King of Saudi Arabia ... DISGUSTING

Mosab Hassan Yousef (son of the important Hamas leader Sheik Hassan Yousef) Jihad is the highest level in Islam

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We're all living in America,
We're all living in America,
Amerika, Amerika.

When I'm dancing, I want to lead,
even if you all are spinning alone,
I'll show you how it's done right.
We form a nice round (circle),
freedom is playing on all the fiddles,
music is coming out of the White House,
and near Paris stands Mickey Mouse.

We're all living in America...

I know steps that are very useful,
and I'll protect you from missteps,
and anyone who doesn't want to dance in the end,
We form a nice round (circle),
I'll show you the right direction,
to Africa goes Santa Claus,
and near Paris stands Mickey Mouse.

We're all living in America,
America is wunderbar.
We're all living in America,
Amerika, Amerika.
We're all living in America,
We're all living in America,
Amerika, Amerika.

This is not a love song,
this is not a love song.
I don't sing my mother tongue,
No, this is not a love song.

We're all living in America,
Amerika is wunderbar.
We're all living in America,
Amerika, Amerika.
We're all living in America,
We're all living in America,
Amerika, Amerika.

★ Let me be clear.

I like Rammstein's music
-- even though I understand their German lyrics.

The German band known as Rammstein is unique
in that it has managed to become popular
in the English-speaking world by singing
almost exclusively in German.

Most other German artists or groups
(think the Scorpions or Alphaville)
have sung in English in order to reach
the English-language market-or they sing
in German and remain virtually unknown
in the Anglo-American world (think Herbert Grönemeyer).

But Rammstein has somehow turned their German lyrics
into an advantage. It certainly can become an
advantage for learning German.

But Rammstein has also stirred up controversy
on their road to fame. One of the latest
incidents involved their use of clips
from the works of the Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl
in one of their music videos.

Even before that, their lyrics and images
had given rise to criticism that the band
has neo-Nazi or far right tendencies.

With German lyrics that are often far from politically correct,
their music was even linked to the Columbine,
Colorado school shooting.

Some British and American radio stations
have refused to play Rammstein songs
(even if they don't understand the German lyrics).

While there is no real evidence that any of Rammstein's
six eastern German musicians themselves hold such
right-wing beliefs, some people are either a little naive
or in denial when they claim that Rammstein
has done nothing to lead people to suspect
the band of fascist leanings.

The band itself has been a bit coy in their claims
of "why would anyone accuse us of such things?"

In light of some of their lyrics, they really
should not pretend to be so innocent.
The band members themselves have admitted
they intentionally make their lyrics ambiguous
and full of double entendre ("Zweideutigkeit").

However... I personally refuse to join those who totally
reject artists for their supposed or actual political views.

There are people who won't listen to Richard Wagner operas
because he was antisemitic (which he was).

For me, the talent evident in Wagner's music rises
above other considerations. Just because I condemn his
antisemitism doesn't mean I can't appreciate his music.

The same goes for Leni Riefenstahl.
Her former Nazi connections are undeniable,
but so is her cinematic and photographic talent.

If we choose or reject music, cinema or any art
form only for political reasons, then we are missing
the point of art.

But if you're going to listen to Rammstein's lyrics
and their meaning, don't be naive about it.
Yes, you can learn German through their lyrics,
but be aware that those lyrics may have offensive overtones
of a political, religious, sexual or social nature
that people have a right to object to.

(Not everyone is comfortable with lyrics about sadistic sex
or the use of the f-word - even if it's in German.)

If Rammstein's lyrics make people think about issues
from fascism to misogyny, then that's for the good.
If listeners also learn some German in the process,
so much the better!


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