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Published on Apr 18, 2010

Made for a contest :)

This was a real pain in the butt to make and render ;p
My GG clips are .avi without audio, so it was pretty hard to try and convert all the scenes
i needed voiceovers on and match them with clips and what not..
It took forever to render too. But I'm hoping it's worth it?

This is supposed to tell the whole story of Chuck&Blair, that's why it's sorta organized from
seaon 1 to 3. I couldnt fit all i wanted to have in it, but i tried to add the ones i thought
i needed the most :p It's kinda boring at first, but please keep watching. the other half is better
than the first, I think..
Also, there are some blinking and stuff here, you are warned :) Not TOO blinky, but a little..
Some of the voices are a little low, i apologize for that. some of them, i couldnt get any higher.
I used text on the ones I thought were the lowest, so I hope that helps?

I worked so hard on this, harder than on any other video I've made, so I hope you guys will like it.
Feedback would be super-amazing, bc i really wanna know what you think of this.
whatever's on your mind ;)

If you have any questions, just ask. I cant come up with any more thats important to write here ;p
OH YES! Thank you so much for 400+ subscribers :O I can't believe it, thank you!!!
You'll get a treat real soon. haha ^^ But for now, enjoy this epic lovestory with a sad ending..

FANDOM: Gossip Girl
SONG: Gravity of Love
BY: Enigma
POV: No pov, it's not supposed to match the lyrics either. the clips and voices are the most
important elements.

VOICEOVERS (in case you dont hear):

Blair: You're heinous
Chuck: Yes I am

Dude: Who's that girl?
Chuck: I have no idea

Blair: The events of last night will never be mentioned again, is that clear?
Chuck: Not as clear as the memory of you purring in my ear

Blair: You don't want Nate to find out

Nate: I couldn't stop thinking about you

Chuck: You don't belong with Nate. Never have, never will
Blair: You don't belong with anyone

Nate: Did you sleep with her, huh?
Chuck: She needed someone and I was there

Chuck: Let's take it slow this time, do it right

Blair: Waiting for you in Tuscany the first two days... were mildly humiliating

Chuck: Look, I should never have abandoned you. I knew I made the wrong decision as soon as
your plane took off

Blair: 3 words
Chuck: 8 letters
Chuck&Blair: Say it, and I'm yours

Blair: I love you
Chuck: It's just a game
Blair: I love you

Chuck: I love you too
Chuck: I'm not Chuck Bass without you
Blair: You carry me

Chuck: The worst thing I ever did, the darkest thought...
Blair: ...you've ever had. I will stand by you trough anything
Chuck: You said
Blair: I never thought that the worst thing you'd ever do would be to me
Chuck: It's just a game

Blair: I don't like who I've become with you
Nate: You deserve to be alone

Chuck: We have to see this trough to the end

Blair: This is the end, Chuck



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